Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stroger Supporters at China Town's New Years Day Parade


bored now,  1:58 PM  


Anonymous,  3:43 PM  

Wow, 4 whole signs....what a groundswell of support. Bill, when you post pictuers, maybe they should have a point, because what you're giving us is useless.

Anonymous,  4:35 PM  

Personally, I enjoy seeing the different yard signs. Where I live, I can promise I'm unlikely to see a single solitary Oberweis sign (in 2004, there were no Keyes signs, and the Bush signs were so few that many of the people that had them felt the need to overcompensate by erecting billboard sized signs).

So yeah, it's light stuff, but from my living room in my liberal near-west suburban enclave (so, that pretty much gives away where I am), i like seeing what other folks are doing.

Jeez, if you don't like it, scroll down (as I do every time the Marathon Pundit gets on another DePaul diatribe).

Bill Baar 6:46 PM  

I got a new camera. What can I say!

Read my earlier posts on Stoger's Hospital.... (or is it Stroger Hospital?) I'm hardly pushing him.

But I enjoy politics and enjoy the people involved. So I unless you're a real facist, I'll walk up and ask to take a pic.

Each one of these guys immediatly shook my hand and we had a good talk about Chicago and the weather and Dimg Sung (sp?).

Politics is theater for homely people --myself included-- so just consider this my version of People Magazine.

Bill Baar 6:56 PM  

As a footnote, I've posted recently on health care, a contract with Illinois, State Veterans Homes, Foreign Affairs... but the most comment and discussion on this blog involves same sex marriage and abortion (I consider stem cell research etc as a proxy for abortion.)

Go down look at Diane's Post on the State's Budget.... nary a comment.

We're not the post cogent analysts here maybe, but it is revealing these are the issues that spark the most debate.

I don't know what that reveals exactly but it's something....

...anyways, I'm heading for the tavern down on rt47 and butterfield to take pictures of their breaded pork loin sandwich... expect pictures soon.

Anonymous,  8:50 PM  

I like John Stroger, and I think he gets a bad rap sometimes.

I mean, Claypool was there when Sorich, Reyes, Tomczak were doing their thing. But just because he was Chief of Staff to Daley doesn't mean he knew what they were up to.

Of course, when he went to the Park District, the Mayor sure did have him clean out everyone else's guys and put Daley guys in. Makes you wonder if HDO and Claypool's Park District "reforms" were part and parcel of the same strategy.

Which makes you wonder if Forrest Claypool is really a reformer after all.

John Ruberry 11:45 PM  

I see I have a "fan" on this thread. If DePaul wouldn't do so many stupid things, I wouldn't write about them. But as you've seen, I got another Schakowsky post.

Randall Sherman 10:29 AM  

To Anon 8:50, the reason John Stroger gets a bad rap is because he has done a rotten job as County board President, is arrogant as can be, and has continuously placed his loyalty to the Daley family over the needs of the African-Americans in Cook County whose help he is presently crying out for.

Anonymous,  11:50 AM  

Quit your crying. Fact is, there's plenty of people who are doing good work at the County and Stroger is in charge of the County.

Before he was here, I didn't see anyone getting a new hospital done, a new domestic violence courthouse done, privatized golf courses...

Just because Peraica's website shows you've been frustrated in your County job doesn't mean people aren't working hard and doing a good job under John Stroger.

Anonymous,  12:09 PM  

11:50, your point might be convincing if it weren't for the fact that commissioner Michael Quigley was the one who put both a new domestic violence courthouse and privatized golf courses on the public agenda--not Stroger.

Stroger did get a new hospital built, that is true. And then he joined in the vote to name it after himself. How modest of him!

Anonymous,  4:53 PM  

Quigley? Who's Quigley? Never heard of him.

Hahaha. Guess Claypool and the Mayor took care of that.

Randall Sherman 7:28 PM  

Note to Anon 11:50; I regret to inform you that later on Sunday Stroger had a rather nasty dose of reality thrown into his face at the meeting of the Democratic Party of Evanston.

The results for endorsement action for the office of Cook County Board President:

Forrest Claypool - 90%
John Stroger - 7%
No endorsement - 3%

I have witnessed the Evanston in action (or usually, in inaction) for 30 years, since my undergraduate days at Northwestern. I never thought I would see anyone there get close to 90% in a contested Democratic Primary.

From your comments, you may well be one of Stroger's key underlings. My friendly suggestion to you is to start polishing up your resume, particularly if other organizations follow the lead of Evanston.

Anonymous,  11:54 AM  

Big deal.

We'll see how many follow that lead. That's less a reflection on Stroger than it is a reality that Larry Suffredin is pulling the strings to take over the County.

You're as naive as can be if you think this is about "reform." This is pure power politics. And if that's the calculation, we'll see how far Evanston's endorsement goes.

As far as my resume goes, it reflects all the good work that a lot of people are doing here. Just like the good work that a lot of good people were doing at the Park District before Claypool came in.

How do you cut 1/4 of the workforce and not reach essential personnel? Or is OK to just say anything to get elected?

Do you know how many meetings this guy has missed in four years here?
How many votes? Has Claypool visited YOUR department? Does he know where it is?

Tell me this, genius: Claypool says he will cut 25% of the workforce here (I'll do for the County what I did for the Parks)and not cut into essential personnel.

At 6500 people, that might even reach eyewash like you.

Anonymous,  10:09 AM  

All the racist white liberals are dumping Stroger.

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