Monday, January 23, 2006

Michael Reagan to visit dad's alma mater, Eureka College

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Ronald Reagan's son Michael is coming to northern Illinois to visit Eureka College,
the alma mater of the late president, the AP reports tonight.

While in Illinois, Michael, a conservative talk radio host, hopes to visit his father's birthplace in tiny Tampico, as well as the Gipper's boyhood home in Dixon.

Dixon is just north of Interstate 88, the recently renamed Ronald Reagan Tollway. Yes, it would be better if it wasn't a toll road. Still, if you're driving on that interstate, visit Dixon. Tampico is not too far away either, it's about 15 miles south of I-88.

That's me in the photo in front of the Reagan Boyhood Home on Hennepin Street in Dixon.

Ronald Reagan was the only president born in Illinois.


Tessa 6:19 AM  

If you drive around Dixon, you'll find on a side street, on North Brinton I believe, someone has carved a wooden statue of him as a lifeguard from his teen years, in what was a tree in their front yard.

Big give away where I live, huh?

Anonymous,  9:49 AM  

...and if you go to past the winged phallus to Zeros, you can drink much more cheaply than you can in Chicago, and if you drink too much, your friend the Dixon cop will wisely stop your drunken plans to relieve yourself on the lawn of the boyhood home of the (still living at the time) ex-president.

This isn't a snide remark, it is a genuine question: wouldn't you classify Eureka as Central IL?

Randall Sherman 10:19 AM  

I was fortunate enough to visit both Tampico and dixon a year ago for the First Day of Issue Ceremonies held in both towns for the Ronald Reagan Stamp. While I admit I was not a supporter of President Reagan or most of his policies, his singular accomplishment in being the only Illinois native (to date) to be elected President was worth honoring.

If you are into politics or history, both towns are worth a visit.


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President, Chicagoland FDC Society
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John Ruberry 10:48 AM  

Could be on Eureka. It's in the norther half of the state for sure.

Tessa 5:51 PM  

I believe they do consider Eureka in Central Illinois, like Peoria and such. Dixon is Northern IL.

anon, there are many such people with stories like yours........


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