Friday, January 27, 2006

More Lipinski Ballot Shenanigans

Freshman Congressman Dan Lipinski got a huge break last Fall. He represents a district stocked with ambitious politicians from effective ward organizations who could have challenged his shaky hold on the Congressional seat he was bequeathed by his father. State Reps Kevin Joyce, Jim Brosnahan, and Dan Burke; Aldermen Tom Murphy and Jim Balcer; and former State Rep Tom Dart, were all eyed as potential challengers -- and each one of them would have been favored against the Lil' Lipper. But for various reasons, (Bill Lipinski calling in favors, a reluctance to commute to D.C., better electoral opportunities, etc.) all of the potential "name" candidates passed on the race. By mid October, it was clear no one of any consequence would take on Lipinski. John Sullivan, a unknown assistant state's attorney with no political organization, was the only candidate circulating petitions.

You'd think Lipinski would just leave well enough alone, campaign hard, beat Sullivan, and claim the legitimacy he was denied (deservedly,) two years ago when he inherited his seat. Instead, his Dad's fading political organization is again engaged in a clumsy effort to pull a fast one on the voters.

Had Lipinski just rolled up his sleeves and actually earned a real victory, he would probably be well on his way to Congressman-for-life status. Instead, two years from now he will again have to face the charge that he has yet to win a legit election.

Bill Lipinski and his operatives might think they're doing Dan a favor by greasing the electoral skids to avoid the inconvenience of an actual campaign, but what they're really doing is telling the political world that they don't think the kid is strong enough to win an election on his own.


Anonymous,  1:15 PM  

Hey Sammy. The kid is NOT strong enough to win an election on his own. That is why they need to grease the skids. I don't blame the powers that be for trying to hold onto a powerful office. The kid isn't going to last long in the office anyway and I think most of the real contenders are willing to just wait it out until their kids are older.

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