Friday, January 27, 2006

Message of the Day - A Missing Stamp


Forty stamps will be issued May 27th touting the "Land of Superlatives." Illinois did not rate one of these "Wonders of America." Natural and man-made wonders are featured...but none in Illinois.

We didn't get the biggest egg or the tallest North American building or even the most corrupt state. The biggest rodent is featured, but it is not a Chicago politician.

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diane 7:53 AM  

No "World's largest Catsup Bottle" in Collinsville?

Randall Sherman 10:59 AM  

Please don't blame us philatelists (stamp collectors) for this upcoming issue. This was something put together by the Citzens Stamp Advisory Committee and the head honochos of the United States Postal Service to help commemorate the Washington 2006 International Stamp Show that will open on May 27 (and last for eight days).

Most of the members of the CSAC are NOT leaders in the philatelic community. Instead, they have included such people as actor Karl Malden, former Notre Dame basketball coach Digger Phelps and the brother of former Chicago Mayor Eugene Sawyer.

By the way, the Washington 2006 show will be the largest stamp show to be held in North America this decade (a country is allowed to hold one such "International-Level" show each decade), with more than 56,000 pages of philatelic exhibits on display, including some of the most magnificent and rarest stamp items in the world. (I expect to be there for all eight days of the show.)

First Day Cover collectors and the makers of special cachets for these new issues are particularly cool to this new 40-stamp issue, because of the cost involved in preparing 40 different cachets (by the cachetmakers) or in buying them (for the collectors). The work of many of these cachetmakers is often stunning, but it can be very addictive. There will be a couple of Cachetmakers Bourses held during the Washington show, where you easily spend a few hundred dollars on these covers (don't be shocked... at even $3 each, do the math on a set of 40 different "Wonders of America").

Still, philately is a wonderful hobby, one in which the entire family can get involved. If you can't get out to Washington 2006 this spring, there will be two major shows in the Chicago area later in the year, both with FREE ADMISSION.

On August 24-27, the American Philatelic Society (the largest stamp organization in the world) brings its annual STAMPSHOW back to the Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont. There it will team up with the local COMPEX Show (normally held in Arlington Heights over the Memorial Day weekend, but is being moved since many of the show's leaders, exhibitors and dealers will be in Washington instead). The combined show will have nearly 20,000 pages of philatelic exhibits.

The weekend before Thanksgiving (November 17-19) the Chicago Philatelic Society will hold CHICAGOPEX at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest Hotel, just west of Arlington Park Race Track. That show will have more than 5,000 pages of exhibits.

If anyone wants additional information on philately, please feel free to contact me at


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