Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google's Muzzle

While I thumped my chest about the great Google, they stabbed me in the back.

Google is right to fight the Justice Department to defend our Bill of Rights.

But to gain more customers, Google cut a deal with the Chinese communists and agreed to censor its search results in the land of the Giant Panda.

Google’s new motto: Do no evil, except if we can gain access to 1.3 billion customers. Unless Google reverses its course, I will never use Google again. And for now, I'll search with my mamma.


Anonymous,  9:09 AM  

How are we going to tell China what to do again?

The only thing we can do is change our own country, but Abu Ghraib (that's what that kitty pic reminded me of), Camp X-Ray and all the other crap doesn't seem to hold our attention anymore. The best news of the day? The government has no idea how all the money we sent to Iraq was spent! We need to clean up our own act before we go telling China what to do. Thanks to BushCo. our moral highground is long gone.

And what exactly is google supposed to do? Do you think Shell in Kuwait hires female executives who wear business skirts and hosts employee softball parties with kegs at third base? A sovereign country gets to decide their laws and the people get to decide their mores.

Not that our Admin would let that get in the way since we just write about history and they make it.

Anonymous,  10:15 AM  

Interesting experiment:

Type "falun gung" in (US version)

then type "falun gung" in Google.CN (the chinese version)

and compare.

Quite a difference.

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