Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Bush Durbin handshake

I'm watching Bush leave the House after the State of the Union. Did you notice that handshake between Bush and Durbin? Kind of a 1970's style soul brother hand shake... If someone can read lips, please tell us what the two of them were talking about in that moment.


Anonymous,  10:53 PM  

Who was the dude next to congressman Rahm Emanuel, he looked like Dr. Who.

Diane 6:57 AM  

They were laughing hard as well, some sort of shared joke.

Anonymous,  10:35 AM  

Anon 10:53 - I think that was Rep. Rosa DeLauro of CT. But my first guess was Perry Ferrell.

oliviaharis 9:57 PM  

President Bush regularly portrayed the Democrats and their leader as being wrong on taxes, terrorism and national security. At one point, he said that if Democrats win, America loses.
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