Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SEIU Stays Out Of Democratic Primary For Illinois Treasurer

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Rich Miller reports that SEIU has decided not to endorse in the Democratic Primary for Illinois State Treasurer. While I don't know a ton about the race - I'm guessing this isn't good news for the slated Democrat, downstate candidate Paul Mangieri - and it's at least mildly positive news for his opponent, Alexi Giannoulias. Giannoulias has a lot of crucial Chicago backing that unions would help Mangieri get. Commenter ndpotus at Capitol Fax points out Barack Obama got the SEIU endorsement in the U.S. Senate Primary (he also got AFSCME and IFT), when most unions endorsed Dan Hynes. It may be SEIU stayed out of the treasurer's primary because Barack Obama, along with a number of Chicago area politicians, have endorsed Alexi. Obama has acknowledged his gratitude towards Alexi Giannoulias, who was an early Democratic Primary supporter of Barack's U.S. Senate campaign.

Alexi was at the Kos Naperville Democrats fundraiser yesterday, circulating well through the crowd and came across quite personable. While I don't know Paul at all - I can say Mangieri's definitely losing the website battle with his retro, single page website. Alexi has a respectable web presence - and a better website name. [Update - I can't get to Mangieri's website tonight - maybe they're putting something real up.]

If enough unions don't back Paul, and enough Chicago Democratic officials back Alexi, it's going to be tough for Paul to win, slate or no slate.


corvax,  4:44 AM  

That endorsement list Giannoulias has put together can't be over-emphasized. Have you ever seen anything like it for a non-slated non-incumbent in a primary challenge? And I hear there are a lot more coming.

With the enthusiastic support of proven vote-getters as disparate in their constituencies as, say, Mell and Jackson, I think Mangieri, not being from a traditionally democratic area, might have the uphill battle. (I hear Alexi even got the Italian-American political committee's endorsement against the Italian-American candidate! But then "una ratsa, una fatsa".)

I'm particularly impressed by the number of state reps who are willing to buck Madigan so openly given his challenge, apparently unsuccessful, of Giannoulias's petitions.

Anonymous,  11:42 AM  

I see Mangieri lost the 'stache. Good move.

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