Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Debates

I live blogged it over at my site.

Brady takes it in my opinion. He looked good, sounded good, made the most sense, had specifics on Illinois's Medicaid program; and I liked his closing on being the best candidate to defeat Blagojevich.

JBT tried but she didn't have the kind of confidence and command of some facts like Brady.

So, tell me where I get it wrong.


Cal Skinner 7:37 PM  

Probably shows the difference from someone who is not on top of the issues (Judy) because she hasn't been in the legislature so long and Brady, who's there now.

Oberweis did hit the corruption angle the hardest, however. I loved the part where he noted that within his lifetime four Illinois governors have gone to jail, two Republicans and two Democrats.

"I think Mr. Blagojevich is out to break the tie, by the way," he added to chuckles from the audience.

Bill Baar 7:41 PM  

I said some facts because none of these foks seemed to have a handle on a lot of facts. But maybe that sounds too wonkish for a politician to start rattling off a bunch of statistics.

Bill Baar 7:46 PM  

Cal... that was a great point about the 2 to 2 tie.

Abraham Lincoln 8:08 PM  

I thought Brady won the debate tonight. He was confident, didn't rely on notes and had weight behind his points.

Topinka looked tired, didn't take a position on anything or answer the questions asked. And why was she wearing that suit, trying to look like one of the guys?

Gidwitz stammered through the whole thing. He was almost too prepped that he looked like he was rushing through his answers.

Oberweis....well, he's Oberweis. While he's improved, he's still hard to take.

CBM,  8:32 PM  

Oberweis has improved

Gidwitz is unelectable

Judy is only leading because of name recognition

Brady won

Anonymous,  9:15 PM  

I really like Judy, but I actually agree with abe's comments. I was most impressed with Brady, and least impressed with Judy. I hope there are other televised debates!

Anonymous,  8:57 AM  

Topinka looked and sounded horrible. She's way out of her league and tanking. Our state has enough problems already.

Brady came accross as an immature frat boy. He's now Topinka's attack dog.

The Milk Man delivers!

Aunt Glabby,  4:49 PM  

The Milkman is at the door.

CORRUPTION is going to be the issue, and he's right on target!

Oh, and Judy...your integrity HAS been questioned, by the Feds.

That episode has yet to be concluded, as does Lee Daniels, and a host of others.

the wonderboy,  1:54 PM  

Brady won the debate and apparently those in Cook County have taken notice as well...he won the Hanover Township endorsement...if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the momentum shifting.

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