Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Blagojevich Won't Resign

by Cal Skinner
So the Chicago Tribune runs a full page editorial Wednesday entitled,

Governor Blagojevich:

It will have as much impact as the editorials calling for a constitutional amendment allowing the recalling of public officials.

This governor is not rich.

He needs his pay check.

He has a mortgage and other household bills to pay.

His wife and daughters need health insurance.

And Blagojevich needs the mental health benefits of his health plan (although he is unlikely to use them unless his lawyer tells him to create a record of seeking help for mental instability).

His campaign fund had $3.6 million in the bank at the end of June.

But it owed $750,000 to Jim Thompson's law firm, Winston & Strawn.

Even if the Governor has raised a couple of million since, who thinks that will be enough to pay his attorneys?

So, anybody think he is going to leave office voluntarily?

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Bill Baar 10:18 AM  

The Gov prayed with the ministers this AM, and Rich hasn't posted anyting on Cap Fax this am.

Something is going on...

Pat Collins 10:34 AM  

That is how I read it. Something big.

Likely resignation?

I agree that there is NO incentive or Gov Rod to resign. Zero.

He needs that to plea bargain. Too soon for him to cut a deal with the Feds?

Bill Baar 10:45 AM  

I'm guessing Rahm is resigning...before he had a chance to sign on really.

Check Kass today?

Pat Collins 10:54 AM  

Well, it could just be the poor guy slept in. I mean, this had to be an INCREDIBLY busy week for him. He must need to crash big time.

Bill Baar 10:58 AM  

The Gov is talking tough after the prayers.

I think it's about Rahm.

Bill Baar 11:14 AM  

Here we go...

...the AG went to the court on him: Madigan to court: Declare Blagojevich unfit.

Pat Collins 11:14 AM  

Nope, Lisa filed with the SC today.

Bill Baar 11:17 AM  

yep, indeed..

...see how far that goes.

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