Monday, December 29, 2008

Quinn on the isolated Blagojevich and his Palace Guard

Quinn said the Guv isolated. That Quinn hadn't spoken to him since August. Quinn could have started a blog before the complaint. Why the wait? What was stopping Quinn from speaking like this much earlier? Would Paul Simon or Paul Douglas have reminded silent the way he and Obama have?

If the Guv is nuts, he has a defense. What's the defense of the sane who knew and remained silent in the face of this disgrace?


DuPage Saint,  12:10 PM  

Who says Quinn is sane?

Bill Baar 1:37 PM  

Good point.

Michael,  2:02 PM  

To be fair to Pat Quinn he has been independent of and separate and apart from Governor Blagojevich for some time.
By law the Governor and LT Governor run as a team (that was not always the case) so they must run together.

Pat Quinn oppossed Blagojevich on the Sales Tax, on Peoples Gas, and many other issues. Pat Quinn has been against this new capital improvements program.

Pat Quinn has been very clear and has oppossed the governor on many issues and has been clear about not cooperating with the governor.

I think this post is off base at best and false and misleading at worse.

I like Bill Baar's post and thinks he brought up issues (like the Iraqi Billionaire and the Iraqi security companies) that few dared to discuss but I must strongly disagree here.

Manny,  4:39 AM  

Quinn has been calling for a recall election against Blagojevich since 2007.

However, he was extremely hypocritical when he criticized Burris for accepting a Senate nomination from Blagojevich. Why didn't he apply the same standard to himself when he chose to be Blagojevich's running mate in 2006?

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