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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 14, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 14, 2008

-- Republicans criticize Obama aides' silence on Blagojevich - AP
-- Governor meets with high-profile attorney - Sarah Schulte

-- 'SNL' [Bleeps] With Blagojevich Saturday Night Live skit parodies bad week for Blagojevich couple

-- Blagojevich Meets With High-Powered Defense Lawyer - Pamela Jones

-- A system made of money Blagojevich's arrest may be the final straw that shatters Illinois' political culture of 'pay to play' - Rick Pearson and Ray Long (DIERSEN: Print version of the article includes a 5X7-inch color picture taken in 2000 of Blagojevich watching George Ryan shooting a gun in the state crime lab.),0,7158620.story
-- Will 'feditis' spread to Obama and Daley? - John Kass,0,2487119.column
-- What would Lincoln say? - Richard Norton Smith,0,6766671.story
-- The cost of corruption Image of dishonesty can harm a state's economic vitality - Mike Hughlett and Wailin Wong,0,13061.story
-- Uncomfortable spotlight shone on Patti Blagojevich Her real estate deals are under federal scrutiny, and her rants, now infamous, stand out on descriptions of recordings taken from Blagojevich family home - John Chase and David Kidwell,0,6119295.story
-- Live on Chicago, it's 'Saturday Night'
-- White House assessing options for emergency help for struggling auto industry amid obstacles - Deb Riechmann,0,6361840.story
-- Make the pain, not the Detroit 3 automakers, go away Much has changed since Chrysler first got bailed out. - Jim Mateja,0,7935858.column
-- Racing legend Mario Andretti visits Ky. Corvette plant - AP,0,4118693.story
-- Talk politics Sunday with Tribune political writer Rick Pearson

-- What to do? Gov meets with top defense lawyer - Natasha Korecki and Cheryl Jackson,CST-NWS-blago14.article
-- Tapes have potential witnesses speaking out - Natasha Korecki,CST-NWS-impeachside14.article
-- Gov, wife fodder for 'Saturday Night Live',CST-NWS-SNL14.article
-- Why governor likely won't resign- and why he must - Editorial
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-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Will your taxes rise if Blagojevich goes? - John Patterson (QUOTES FROM: Dring, Radogno, Schmitz, and Skinner)
-- Blago meets with attorney, has 'no plans to resign' Monday - Joseph Ryan
-- High court doesn't have a role in this. It would be dangerous precedent for a court to remove a governor from office based on its subjective assessments of his credibility, public support and moral character. - Editorial
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-- Ending corruption begins at home - Phil Kadner,121408Kadner.article
-- Blago turmoil set to shake up statewide politics for years - Nathaniel Zimmer,121408senate.article
-- Gov. mess puts Lisa Madigan in spotlight - Deanna Bellandi,121408madiganprofile.article

-- Moral dilemma - Greg Hinz (DIERSEN: The Illinois Republican Party platform opposes the expansion of gambling.)

-- Bleeping potty mouths Blago's cursing reflects use of language in school, at home and on TV - Erika Wurst,3_1_EL14_A1SWEARING_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Herald News promotes Radogno,4_1_JO14_RADOGNO_S1.article

-- Rod Blagojevich scandal affects politics and purse strings in Springfield - Kevin McDermott

-- Madigan's law suit may not be quick fix - Scott Reeder

-- America For Sale - Ken Connor

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Illinois Republican Party publishes "Friends of Blago" website at
-- RNC highlights Obama-Blagojevich relationship - Josh Kraushaar

-- Lt. Gov. Quinn, Atty. Gen. Madigan may be looking ahead to 2010 - Carla Johnson
-- Would new AG Holder exit Chicago corruption probe? - Pete Yost
-- Obama faces heady challenges, and they're growing - Liz Sidoti
-- On breaks, Obama will return home to city streets - Deanna Bellandi

-- Blagojevich Arrest Sparks Illinois Fight to Impeach - Joe Carroll

-- Bush's auto U-turn incites GOP Considers rescue with remaining bailout funds - Stephen Dinan and S.A. Miller

-- Two Cheers for Rod Blagojevich - Frank Rich

-- Their Own Obama Bobby Jindal is in no way running for president. Or so he told Iowa. - Andrew Romano
-- A Battle For the Basement Corruption in Illinois is mainly pedestrian and shameful. In Louisiana, it's flamboyant and shameless. - Jacob Weisberg

-- Midwest is GOP's best shot at gaining ground Demographics more favorable despite recent election losses - Craig Gilbert (DIERSEN: But what about the success that certain Republican senators and representatives are having in motivating union members in the Midwest to make defeating all Republicans their top priority?)

-- Illinois Is Trying. It Really Is. But the Most Corrupt State Is Actually? - Bill Marsh
-- In Illinois, a Virtual Expectation of Corruption - Kate Zernike

-- Democrats' scandals play into GOP hands - Donald Lambro

-- Patrick Fitzgerald: Blago destroyer a terror foe from Brooklyn - James Meek
-- Emanuel Had Contact With Governor’s Office on Senate Seat - Helene Cooper and Jackie Calmes

-- Pressure builds on Obama to release his Blagojevich contacts - Andrew Malcolm

-- Spirits low as failure looms Corvette plant to shut down for 30 percent of first quarter 2009; rescue plan in limbo - Justin Story (PHOTO CAPTION: Mark Madden, a General Motors Corvette Assembly Plant worker for the past 10 years, hangs a door on a Corvette Friday. Madden put a sign up at his workstation when the talks about helping the ailing auto industry began to fail. He said the next sign he puts up will say "it's over.")
(THE ARTICLE: Developments have been swift since the Senate refused to pass a bill to rescue the U.S. auto industry from financial ruin, and local auto company employees and experts are looking for encouraging signs that the industry will receive some sort of federal assistance. Since the final Senate vote Thursday night that effectively killed a $14 billion rescue plan backed by the House of Representatives and the White House, the following developments have emerged: The Treasury Department indicated its readiness to prevent the Big Three automakers from filing bankruptcy, while White House officials promised to step in and work something out. An alternate plan to help the industry emerged, consisting of committing to the Big Three auto companies a portion of the $15 billion of uncommitted money from the $700 billion bailout of the financial services industry enacted in October. General Motors announced it planned to close 20 North American factories, including the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, for 30 percent of the first quarter of 2009, cutting vehicle production for the first three months of the new year by 250,000. The stock market endured a roller coaster ride Friday before closing on an upbeat note, with the Dow Jones Index closing up 64.59 points at 8,629.68. UAW Local 2164 president Eldon Renaud said workers at the Corvette plant were “apprehensive” while following the negotiations leading up to the collapse of the initial rescue package; it died when Senate Republicans were unable to receive concessions from the UAW, demanding the union accept a lower pay and benefits package in line with what U.S. workers employed at Japanese-owned factories receive. The union had agreed to let GM delay its $7 billion payment to the UAW’s retiree health care fund and also agreed to suspend its job bank, which gives laid-off employees wages while not working. “You know the impact will be felt in the community,” Renaud said of the temporary closure of the Corvette plant. “Those are 800 people who won’t be getting regular paychecks. If they’re off any length of time, it’s going to be reflected in their bill payments. “I hope the president and the Treasury realize this could push a lot of people over the edge, people maintaining their homes and making their mortgage payments in a timely manner.” In Detroit, GM executives hoped to see the White House use the uncommitted financial bailout funds to help the auto industry - a move President Bush had previously been reluctant to undertake. “We are encouraged by the White House’s willingness to consider other options, including the (financial sector bailout funds), for immediate aid to the domestic auto industry,” GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said in an e-mailed statement. “We are prepared to work closely with the administration on possible solutions that could prevent further damage to our nation’s economy and also allow us to embark on an aggressive restructuring plan for long term viability.” During debate over the proposed plan, several Republican senators argued that Chapter 11 bankruptcy would be the most effective way for automakers to eliminate crippling costs. But Bill Parsons, managing director for the Global Advanced-Leadership Center and chair of the Global Automotive Conference, said bankruptcy would have a devastating effect that would be felt beyond the auto industry. “Kentucky is very much an automotive state - for every job lost at the original engine manufacturer, there are about 14 people supporting that job,” Parsons said. “The people at the lowest rung of the bankruptcy totem pole are the suppliers - where do they go? We have great suppliers right here in Bowling Green, but many of them are holding on just by their fingernails. “I believe that what took place in the Senate (on Thursday) is very much political gamesmanship - in which all of us will have to pay.” A survey of 6,000 people planning to buy a new car within the next six months, conducted by automotive market research firm CNW, indicated that 80 percent of people surveyed would switch brands if their desired vehicle came from a company that had filed for bankruptcy. Renaud said that Bowling Green’s Trace Die Cast sells 80 percent of its business supplies to the automotive industry, noting the economic ripples that would be created with the shutdown of the local GM plant. Should the alternate package be enacted, Renaud said the best-case scenario would likely involve the money carrying GM into June of next year, with the credit markets emerging from their freeze and issuing loans. “The fat cats have been given $700 billion to loan money, but they haven’t been doing that,” Renaud said. “Now (the Senate) wants to micromanage workers and put the cuts on the back of the working people in this community - but then there’s no scrutiny of the funds that have been going to Wall Street.” Parsons said the urgency of the situation cannot be understated, both in economic terms and in terms of how the nation operates. “Automotives are integral to the infrastructure, the success or failure of this nation,” Parsons said. “You and I can’t get on a bicycle and get from one point of the United States to the other; there are certain mass transit areas, but they aren’t connected. “The automobile is the overwhelming means of transportation here.”)

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