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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 3, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 3, 2008

-- Rep. Kirk opposes Ryan clemency bid - Rick Pearson,0,1021255.story
-- Forget 'redemption' and say their names - John Kass,0,3796608.column
-- FULL PAGE AD: An open Letter to Barack Obama: Are you a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.? Are you legally eligible to hold the Office of President?
-- Tax activist's ad challenges Obama's eligibility for office The Tribune examines allegations about president-elect's 'natural born citizen' status - Sara Olkon and James Janega,0,3124041.story (Includes audio clip)
-- Planned Parenthood offering (ABORTION) gift certificates Anti-abortion groups condemn their sale - Jessica Reaves,0,6468886.story

-- DIERSEN: In the hard copy version of this commentary, John Patterson argues that the following increases the likelihood that Bush will pardon George Ryan: "Mutual friend in Bob Kjellander, former Republican national committeeman from Illinois"
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION: Memorial crosses returning to DuPage County complex
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD IN DUPAGE EDITION: Kimball Hill Homes to go out of business - Deborah Donovan
-- Joe Dunn to fill vacant Naperville council seat - for now - Melissa Jenco
-- Broad stakes in saving auto industry - Editorial
-- Wheaton to charge for rescue services - Catherine Edman

-- Weasel-worded Ryan apology doesn't cut it Did he 'fail' by steering contracts -- or by getting sent to prison? - Mark Brown,CST-NWS-brown03.article
-- GM, Chrysler tell Congress they need cash to last out year - AP,detroit-auto-bailout120208.article

-- Automakers Make Their Bailout Pitches GM, Chrysler And Ford Craft Cost-Saving Reports For Congress (Includes video clip)

-- U.S. Rep. Johnson: Ryan should stay behind bars - Kurt Erickson and Mike Riopell

-- State treasurer Giannoulias considers running for governor in 2010 - Bernard Schoenberg

-- No bailouts for Springfield - Editorial

-- Kirk writes Bush: Don't pardon Ryan - Lynne Stiefel,g4-kirkonryan-120208-s1.article

-- VIDEO: DuPage County elected officials take oaths of office - Dan Petrella
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Again, Suburban Life promotes dependency on government, promotes transfer of wealth, and promotes socialism. Suburban Life wants DuPage County government to take more and more money from DuPage County taxpayers who have more money and give that money to those who have less money. The more money that DuPage County takes from taxpayers, the less money that taxpayers have to take care of their own families, to give to charities, to give to churches, etc. Where does it say that you get into HEAVEN by promoting dependency on government, by promoting transfer of wealth, and promoting socialism? Where does it say you get into HEAVEN by playing Robin Hood, that is, by using government to force those who have more to give more to those who have less?

-- Illinois gay marriage debate continues - Stephen Spector

-- President Bush shouldn’t play the chump for Durbin - Doug Ibendahl

-- Joe Birkett: Governor, or Senator? - Gregory Tejeda

-- Illinois Gun Sales Soar 38% in November

-- Obama Citizenship Accusations Come to a Head - Kurt Williamsen

-- Obama's honeymoon with the GOP - Jonathan Martin

-- Big 3 bailout in neutral - Silla Brush

-- Congressman: Obama's Senate Replacement Must Be Black As Barack Obama takes over the White House, he leaves in his wake a host of vacancies, and some are becoming the focal points for fresh political battles

-- Obamamania on the Right - Clif Kincaid

-- Top 10 Things President Bush Should Do Before Leaving Office

-- Scapegoating the Social Right A fact-free distraction - Ramesh Ponnuru

-- Obama Disputed Hillary Clinton’s Credentials Before He Applauded Them - Matthew Cover

-- Governors Against State Bailouts Hard to believe, but not everyone in politics wants a free lunch. - Rick Perry and Mark Stanford

-- Obama warns US governors of “hard choices” - Tom Eley

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bush seems to want to stress that he never ran as a "conservative," but that he ran as something very different, as a "compassionate conservative."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: November 2008 new vehicle sales sank to their worst level since 1982. Republican Diersen urges Democrat Obama to urge Americans to buy new American nameplate vehicles. That would certainly help end the recession/depression that Obama's supporters caused to elect Obama. Diersen would love to buy another new American nameplate vehicle to help end the recession/depression, but his garage is full. Diersen has bought twelve new American nameplate cars since 1966 and still owns four of them. Diersen was happy to help the American economy on August 20, 2005 when he bought a new 2005 Corvette from Haggerty Chevrolet in Glen Ellyn; in 1996 when he bought a new Cavalier from Haggerty Chevy; in 1995, 1994, and 1989 when he bought new Thunderbirds from Packey Webb Ford in Wheaton; in 1978 when he bought a new Chevette from Haggerty Chevy; in 1978 when he bought a new Oldsmobile in Glen Ellyn; in 1973 when he bought a new Dodge in Olympia Fields; in 1971 when he bought a new Corvette in Chicago Heights; in 1969 when he bought a new Dodge in Chicago Heights; in 1968 when he bought a new Oldsmobile in Beecher; and in 1966 when he bought a new Pontiac in South Holland.

-- Rove: Bush hardly worst president - Jon Ward

-- Obama promises governors he'll be listening - Christi Parsons (FROM THE ARTICLE: Governors also asked for help to expand children's healthcare, to continue unemployment benefits and for continued support of food stamps and Medicaid. Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich, a Democrat, was among those arguing that money should go directly to people bearing the brunt of the worsening economy. Facing an estimated $2-billion deficit, Blagojevich has already made budget cuts that closed state parks and historic sites. "The more help we can give to the average American, the better the economy will be," Blagojevich said. "And it's a far better way than bailing out a few corporate, well-connected entities that have powerful lobbyists.",0,7149354.story

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Diersen hopes that Wagoner drives a Corvette to his meeting with Roskam. Maybe Colin Powell will let Wagoner use his 2005 silver Corvette for the trip. Just kidding.

-- Paul Caprio releases strong response to Bill Brady fundraising letter - Dave Diersen
Paul Caprio is very disappointed that Senator Bill Brady helped elect Christine Radogno as the Illinois Senate Republican Leader. In his December 2 letter to Brady with copies to other Illinois Republican Senators, Caprio responded strongly to a November 28 fundraising letter that he received from Brady. A copy of Caprio's December 2 letter is posted on the Files page of
-- Who will speak at the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) luncheon on Saturday, December 13 in Bolingbrook -- Biggert, Birkett, Bill Brady, Durkin, Johnson, Kirk, Manzullo, Roskam, Sauerberg, Schock, Shimkus? Will those who urge return to direct election of IRP State Central Committee members be allowed to speak? - Dave Diersen
The Illinois Republican Party (IRP) State Central Committee (SCC) and County Chairman's Association (CCA) will meet on Saturday morning, December 13, at the beautiful Bolingbrook Golf Club. A joint SCC and CCA luncheon will follow the meetings. Illinois Republican precinct committeemen and precinct captains anxiously await details from their Township and Chicago Ward party leaders on the meetings and on the luncheon. Township and Chicago ward party leaders anxiously await details from their county party leaders on the meetings and on the luncheon. County party leaders anxiously await details from their SCC member on the meetings and on the luncheon. SCC members anxiously await details from IRP Chairman Andy McKenna on the meetings and on the luncheon. Elected officials, including township and county officials, state representatives and state senators, and congressmen anxiously await details from party leaders on the meetings and on the luncheon. What will be on the agendas for the SCC meeting, CCA meeting, and luncheon? What will be discussed in executive session? Who will speak at the luncheon -- Biggert, Birkett, Bill Brady, Durkin, Johnson, Kirk, Manzullo, Roskam, Sauerberg, Schock, Shimkus? What will McKenna, IRP National Committeeman Pat Brady, and National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte say about how America and the rest of the world views the IRP? Will candidates for statewide, congressional, and other offices use the luncheon to announce/promote their candidacies? What will Representative Jim Durkin say about the McCain-Palin campaign in Illinois? What will McKenna, CCA Chairman Pollard, Senate Republican Leader Radogno, and House Republican Leader Cross say about the 2008 election including efforts to get out the vote by precinct committeemen; precinct captains; township and Chicago ward party leaders; county party leaders; SCC members; and elected officials including township and county officials, state representatives and state senators, and congressmen? What will be said about the IRP's financial condition? What will be said about the IRP platform? It seems that if Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar, George Ryan, Jim Ryan, Judy Baar Topinka, Bob Kjellander, etc. speak, they would denounce conservatives and denounce conservatism and call for taking all the social planks out of the IRP platform. But wait, conservatives are the base of the IRP and those social planks are what distinguish the IRP from the Illinois Democrat Party. What will be said about returning to direct election of SCC members? Will those who want to return to direct election of IRP SCC members be allowed to speak? Which SCC and CCA members will announce that they will or will not run again in 2010? Will McKenna announce that he will or will not run again in 2010?

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