Monday, December 22, 2008

Fitzgerald Plays Peoria

by Cal Skinner

Here's what might be an interesting development.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald spoke at the mid-year graduation ceremony at Peoria's Bradly University this weekend.

That's what this Chicago Tribune media story reports.

Peoria is not in the court district in which Fitzgerald serves.

If one were thinking about running for statewide public office, someone like Fitzgerald would be trying to make himself known through Illinois.

Could this be an leading indicator that Patrick Fitzgerald might be willing to run for office?

If he wanted to take that leap, following in the footsteps of Jim Thompson, who seemed to lust for the office of governor long before he left the U.S. Attorney's Office, this might be Fitzgerald's first step.

Would he run as a Republican or a Democrat?

Or, as independent?

No one I know has a clue where he stands on any issue but public corruption.


Anonymous,  6:28 AM  

Federal judge Michael Mihm played a huge role in getting Fitzgerald to speak at the Peoria County Bar Association's Lincoln banquet in February 2008, and I'd bet that he also helped persuade Fitz to come back to Peoria to speak to Bradley grads. I think you are reading too much into his visit.

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