Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blagojevich - I Will Fight, I Will Fight, I Will Fight Until My Last Breath

Governor Blagojevich deserves a post all his own for this Press Conference.

Back here for the rest of the weekend's blogging.


Anonymous,  3:06 PM  

Governor Rod Blago signed the paperwork to Fire ALPLM Director, Rick Beard after being accused of shoplifting. Losing a 200K a year job. In this case the Governor felt that waiting for the right of due process was not necessary. Mr. Beard has only been charged with a crime at this time. Now he asks the people of Illinois to be patient until he can prove he has done nothing illegal in a court of law. Who will pay Mr. Beards defense team.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, Shame on me.
Fool me three times……

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