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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 4, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 4, 2008

-- Barack Obama's corruption outrage is left in Kenya - John Kass,0,1116474.column
-- Barack Obama stays out of debate over George Ryan's clemency bid President-elect doesn't feel it's 'appropriate' - Rick Pearson,0,4691152.story
-- AG Madigan comes out against Ryan clemency - Monique Garcia
-- Memorial crosses to return in DuPage - Art Barnum
-- Illinois' gambling problem State's casinos see revenue fall, but they blame the smoking ban, not the economy - Jeff Long, Liam Ford and Erika Slife,0,1201776.story
-- An ugly attack on Mormons Aggressors in the culture war - Jonah Goldberg,0,1303013.story

-- Crime Commission says Rosemont can't be trusted with casino - Chris Fusco,CST-NWS-casi04.article
-- UAW grants concessions, exec warns of depression Union will defer billions in health care funds, suspend jobs bank - AP,auto-bailout-uaw120308.article
-- Not just another car ride for GM CEO Wagoner - AP,wagoner-gm-ride-120408.article
-- Durbin disrespects rule of law, just as George Ryan did - Mark C. Curran Jr., Sheriff, Lake County, Illinois,CST-EDT-vox04a-nu.article

-- Joe Dunn ready to jump into Naperville City Council role - Melissa Jenco and Bob Smith
-- Wheaton: Rift splits Episcopalian Church - Catherine Edman
-- Crime commission blasts Rosemont casino bid - Joseph Ryan
-- Blagojevich defends taking state plane to Philly - John Patterson
-- Media: Hope you're happy with recession - Don Loresch, Elmhurst
(THE LETTER: It's here and I hope the media is happy. What's here is the recession that the media has been advertising for the last two years to help Obama become the president. The American people have finally bought your line, and this is what we have. We are now in a full-blown recession with many other bad outlooks on the horizon. The American people have stopped spending money, the housing market is in the tank and all three of the automakers are in deep trouble because we are not buying their cars. I believe this is exactly what the media wanted so they could help push their agenda of electing a Democrat. Well, they have their president and the ones who are losing are the American people and American businesses. Our government has pushed more and more foreign products into our country by giving favored nation status to totalitarian governments and sweat shop countries so they could drive American products off the market and again it worked, as we do not produce anything anymore. I think this is the very reason the American people should stop listening to the media and our government and do the right thing. Do not buy foreign products, and if you can't find American products and you don't need it, do not buy it. It helps no one but the country where the product is made, so do not buy it. This will add to the recession in the world, and then we will all be in the same boat and just maybe, we can bring jobs back to our country. This is the rhetoric of our politicians, but they have no plan.)
-- Catholic bishops need some change - George Kocan, Warrenville
(THE LETTER: The Catholic bishops helped elect Barack Obama to the presidency, and now they vow to oppose him over the issue of abortion. This does not make any sense. Catholics voted 54 percent in favor of Obama while voting 47 percent for John McCain. A survey of Chicago Catholic priests done a few years ago showed that 75 percent of them voted for Democrats. They voted for a party that stands for abortion and other agenda items of sexual liberation. Every year around Thanksgiving time, the bishops collect money for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Last year this Saul Alinsky-inspired funding mechanism gave $1 million in grants to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), another Alinsky-inspired group. During the past 10 years, it gave more than $7 million to ACORN. ACORN works on the Democrat agenda and trains people to help Democrats win elections. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton, Democrats with high leadership positions, worked for ACORN and learned the techniques and philosophy of Alinsky community organizing. The bishops likewise funded other Alinsky organizations like the Industrial Areas Foundation, which work to advance the Democrat agenda. The CCHD does not feed, clothe or house poor people. It works strictly for "structural change," just like Obama and the other Democrats do. Conversely, CCHD does not give any money to pro-life organizations like Joe Scheidler's Pro-Life Action League, although there is no doubt that PAL works also for "structural change." What the Catholic bishops need is some structural change. They should, perhaps, change the name of CCHD to something more open and honest, like the Catholic Campaign to Help Democrats.)

-- Reid: Carmaker Aid Bill Doesn't Have Needed Votes (Includes video clip)
-- Big 3 Automakers Return To Hill To Ask For Cash Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Aid Bill Doesn't Have Needed Votes In Senate (Includes video clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: CBS News badmouths money thrown at lawmakers who promote American auto companies but CBS News ignores money thrown at lawmakers who promote foreign auto makers (Includes video clip)
-- Truth In Politics: Gun Sales Boom After Election - Mike Flannery (DIERSEN: Sadly, many Obama supporters promote hatred against a certain group -- they blame older White male conservatives for all the world's past, present, and future problems -- does Obama approve of their message?) (Includes video clip)
-- Poll Shows Religion, Income Drove Prop 8 Vote (Includes video clip)

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Homosexual activity promoters mock Christians in disgusting video clip

-- State ethics measure irks feds Agency says limits on contractors’ donations could bring funding freeze - Ryan Keith

-- DIERSEN QUESTIONS: Which Republicans have asked Republican Biggert for tickets to Democrat Obama's inauguration in 2009? Which Democrats asked Republican Biggert for tickets to Republican Bush's inauguration in 2005, in 2001?,6_1_NA04_INAUGURATION_S2.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: St. Louis Post Dispatch argues that George Ryan got "caught simply doing what some public officials of Illinois have always done."

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Homosexual activity promoters mock Christians in disgusting video clip (Includes disgusting video clip)

-- A way forward for the Republican Party: Snatching victory from defeat - Nancy J. Thorner
-- Post election analysis that doesn't highlight your responsibility falls short - John Biver

-- VERY SAD: Ahead of Hearings, Some Lawmakers Back Bankruptcy for Big Three Although Chrysler, General Motors and Ford are pushing hard for $34 billion in emergency aid, receptive Democratic leaders have made no commitments and reluctant Republicans are voicing opposition to a bailout

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: GOPUSA Illinois Editor Diersen argues that conservative principles made America great, not liberal principles. Daily Kos founder Moulitsas argues that Obama's election shows that the majority of America's voters want to dump conservatism, that is, dump what made America great.

-- American Conservative Union Chairman Dave Keene: Conservatives Ready to Fight - Ronald Kessler

-- Global Socialists Toast Victory Over America - Cliff Kincaid

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Because Obama is so outrageously anti-conservative, anyone who voted for Obama who claims to be "conservative" is lying.

-- Learning From the Bush Legacy - Philip Klein

-- How To Right The GOP Two Top Republican Strategists Offer Their Advice To Get The Party Back On Track - Charlie Cook

-- Conservatives' panel to vet RNC hopefuls Group includes candidates for national chairman post - Ralph Z. Hallow
-- A new GOP strategy Get back on track with a national agenda and Steele - Michael A. Geppi

-- Supreme Court to consider hearing case challenging Obama’s citizenship - James Janega

-- Civil rights complaint targets Wall Street rating firms Moody's and Fitch's high ratings of subprime mortgage bonds disproportionately harmed black and Latino home buyers, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition alleges. - Kenneth R. Harney,0,5247646.story

-- Wheaton: Conservatives form rival group to Episcopal Church - Rachel Zoll
-- Victorious Chambliss looks for bigger role in GOP - Shannon McCaffrey

-- What your car says about you (FROM THE ARTICLE: Chevrolet Corvette: What it says about you: You are determined, in control and successful. You appreciate classic and timeless style. And you most likely are a joiner; over 95,000 people belong to Corvette clubs, and the National Corvette Museum has 20,000 members.)

-- America's Original Corvette Show -- June 25-28, 2009 Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles, Illinois

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