Friday, December 19, 2008

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Some Illinois charitable organizations could find a little something more in their stockings this year, thanks to Governor Blagojevich's legal and political troubles.

Illinois State Board of Elections reports show that 17 political committees have received over $60,000 in contributions from Blago's campaign fund over the last four years. Unloading the tainted money is problematic; returning it to Blago makes no sense, since the U.S. Attorney has indicated the campaign fund may soon be indicted and frozen.

Expect PACs that received Blago cash to resort to the time-honored tradition of unloading tainted funds to local charities.

See the full list of Blago recipients below....

Transfers Out by Friends of Blagojevich:

RcvDate Amount Commitee Name
11/13/2006 $ 1,000 Neighbors for Rey Colon
11/8/2006 $ 750 Joseph Berrios, 31st Ward Committeeman
11/6/2006 $ 2,000 34th Ward Regular Democratic Org
11/6/2006 $ 1,000 Calumet Twp Regular Democratic Org
11/6/2006 $ 1,000 Rich Twp Democratic Org
11/4/2006 $ 1,000 The 26th Ward Democratic Organization
11/3/2006 $ 2,000 Proviso Twp Democratic Org
11/3/2006 $ 1,500 Committee for Ed Smith
11/3/2006 $ 1,800 Committee to Elect Rickey Hendon
10/31/2006 $ 1,500 Citizens to Re-Elect Michael D Chandler
10/31/2006 $ 3,000 Citizens to Elect Eddie Washington
10/30/2006 $ 2,000 3rd Ward Democratic Org
10/30/2006 $ 26,000 Rock Island County Democratic Central Comm
10/17/2006 $ 2,500 Cook County Democratic Party
2/10/2006 $ 10,000 Independent Campaign Comm
11/29/2004 $ 1,000 Illinois Democratic County Chairmans Assn
11/4/2004 $ 2,500 Friends of Bob Flider


Anonymous,  12:28 PM  

Some of these donations are little more than tip money for the receiving committees. ($750 to Joe Berrios, who probably has a seven-figure campaign warchest?)

Given the fact thatnone of these transfers out are less than two years old, this is a non-story. Had these donations been made more recently (like this year), then the story would have some traction.

Yellow Dog Democrat 1:43 PM  

Um, the end of campaign contributions from Blago coincides with the mounting legal bills of his campaign. He stopped giving when there was nothing left to give.

Anonymous,  5:23 PM  

Most of this looks like GOTV from the re-election drive, not tip money nor the sort of thing that legal bills would pre-empt. Anyone who took this was clearly working for his re-election. Good luck getting that $26 large back from John Gianulis' Rock Island fund.

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