Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blagojevich to name Burris to Senate

From the Tribune. At this point in time I'm not sure I want my name attached to a disgraced Governor, especially with the knowledge that the US Senate might not allow me to be admitted into the chamber. I suppose since the Governor is fighting the current charges against him, he might as well appoint a man to fill Obama's seat.

Apparently he's been making noises since Obama's ascension to the Presidency as well as not too long after the Governor's arrest for attempting to sell off the vacant US Senate seat to the highest bidder.


Bill Baar 12:53 PM  

Thanks Levois...everyone thought it was going to be a sleepy day off.

fedup dem 1:01 PM  

The Seante will seat Burris, and they likely seat him when they convene on Friday for the proforma session that had been scheduled to keep President Bush from making any recess appointments. That way, only a couple of Senators need be present for the ceremony, allowing Hapless Harry Reid to save some face.

Had Gov. Sleazy made this appointement the day after Barack Obama announced that he was stepping down from the Senate on November 16, everyone would have lauded the choice. But by trying to be greedy, Blago got himself arrested, is going to get himself impeached, and is the butt of jokes across this country.

Bill Baar 1:21 PM  

The Guv looks pretty saavy here to me Fed Up Dem. Burris has friends and a constitunency. We've got an impeachment process that appears to be run by Fitz.. an AA candidate with a base in Illinois to replace Obama... the Guv may have his back in a corner but he is playing very shrewdly with the cards he has as far as I can tell.

coffee fiend 11:09 PM  

Blagojevich represents everything that is crooked politics... and he doesn't show even a hint of remorse

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