Monday, December 29, 2008

A picture Ill. Rep. Lou Lang doesn't want you to see

My representative in the Illinois House of Representative is Lou Lang (D-Skokie), chairman of the House Gaming Committee and widely regarded as a close friend of the casino industry in this state.

Lang, who sits on the House impeachment panel, has been playing the role of the tough guy, as the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune has reported.

The Rockford Register-Star named Lang as among the "governor's toughest critics."

Well, how does Lang explain that photograph, which I took in the summer of 2007, on the front window of his Skokie office?


Anonymous,  11:20 PM  

I call if fodder for his opponent's campaign strategy.

Anonymous,  11:25 PM  

John, I see (and happen to partially agree with) the point you're trying to make, but the way you make it, makes me think, with all due respect: "who cares?"

So he had a sign up - big whoop? (BTW, I'm hoping that Lang had a political lease on that office? The State seal makes it look official, like a taxpayer-funded district service office. Say it ain't so!)

So he supported the guy, big deal. Lots of folks did. How about that Lang proudly pushed the Gov's healthcare plan, constitutionality and circumvention of the legislature aside? More interesting, if you ask me, than a window sign.

Bill Baar 7:27 AM  

It's a great visual... Genson should have had it on the table in front of him yesterday.

Anonymous,  9:34 AM  

Lou ran against Blago,. and then was the first major candidate for governor to drop out and endorse him. This sign obviously was placed in his district or campaign office window following that endorsement.

Part of Lou's anger against the governor is how responsive the governor has been to so many legislators, including Lou who should have been a favored friend for his early endorsement in the governor's first run for that office.

Anonymous,  12:22 PM  

Was that Lang's campaign office or his District Office paid for with taxpayer funds?

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