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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 17, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 17, 2008

-- Illinois impeachment panel awaits Blago attorney

-- Dr. Blago Resuscitates the Illinois Republican Party - Steve Rhodes
-- Italy Not Cool With Obama Nativity Figures Police in Naples shut down vendors of nativity scenes featuring the Prez-elect alongside Jesus. Why so touchy? - Elizabeth Bougerol

-- Governor's Impeachment Lawyer Ready To Rumble Genson To Appear Before House Committee To Protest Proceedings Against Blagojevich - Jay Levine
-- Lawmakers Press White House On Auto Bailout

-- Latest push from Illinois GOP for special election to fill Obama seat. Poll memo - Lynn Sweet
-- Democrat's reverse on Senate seat a bad move Backing off special election could give GOP a big opening - Mark Brown,CST-NWS-brown17.article
-- Gov's lawyer likely to infuriate Legislature - Carol Marin,CST-EDT-carol17.article
-- Gov scandal cloaks state's tradition of reform Reform in Illinois? - Don Rose,CST-EDT-open17.article

-- Impeachment panel gets down to work
-- Impeachment panel launches investigation - Ray Long
-- Impeachment panel begins, teeth clenched Past problems with Blagojevich are evident, but panel vows to be fair - Ray Long and Monique Garcia,0,6789465.story
-- Willises want to look into Ryan's eyes, heart - John Kass,0,3344706.column
-- Trust the people? Nah. - Editorial,0,6619080.story
-- Civic pride in public shame - Clarence Page,0,678564.column
-- A little Blago for everyone - Jonah Goldberg,0,2726311.story

-- Jackson Jr. cooperated with feds on governor probe - Don Babwin
-- Impeachment panel's case begins today Defense will be there; treasurer says arrest has already cost the state - John Patterson and Joseph Ryan
-- Obama Senate seat getting cold fast - Joseph Ryan and John Patterson
-- Roskam's pre-election mailings met deadline, commission says - Marni Pyke
-- Legislators failing to restore faith - Editorial
-- Lake County board member Sabonjian latest to flee Democrats - Russell Lissau

-- Guv's arrest costs state $20M in bond sale - Lorene Yue
-- Statehouse launches impeachment inquiry
-- Potential GOP governor candidate Steven Preston: We need ‘dialogue on leadership’ - Paul Merrion
-- GREG HINZ BLOG: The Illinois Chamber of Commerce announced that it has granted a leave of absence to its president, Doug Whitley, so he can "pursue personal goals, perhaps including a future political career." The leave takes effect on Jan. 1 and comes after months in which Mr. Whitley was said to be testing the gubernatorial waters.

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VIDEO CLIP: Carol Marin interviews Speaker Madigan concerning Blagojevich,8,1&vid=121508a

-- Impeachment: Day 1 - Bethany Jaeger

-- Democrats and Republicans clash over potential Obama special election - AP
-- Impeachment looms over Blagojevich Goes home without voting on special election - Ryan Keith
-- Can Blagojevich beat impeachment? Hostile House members say they’ll be fair - Ryan Keith

-- Governor's impeachment is a political process - Ryan Keith

-- Economic crisis has impact on Southland - David Johnson,121708johnson.article

-- Bellock and Durkin serve on Blago impeachment panel - Jennifer Zimmerman,do-blago-121608-s1.article
-- GOP angry over blocked special election - Charles Berman,g5-specelect-121608-s1.article
-- Maine Township is spared GOP primary - Jennifer Johnson,pr-mainebrd-121608-s1.article
-- Lawmakers explore impeachment - Cathryn Gran,op-saviano-121708-s1.article

-- Questions raised about Edgar's "Blue Ribbon Panel" - Fran Eaton
-- Republicans respond to Democrats muffling voters - Fran Eaton
-- Democrats kill peoples' voice in picking next U.S. Senator - Fran Eaton

-- Judy Baar Topinka Trying to Recycle Herself for as a Candidate for Governor in 2010. McCain Shouldn’t Be Viewed as GOP Spokesman.

-- House Speaker Madigan calls out Blagojevich enablers McKenna and Cross (Includes video clip)
-- Why Republicans support limiting government - John Biver
-- Comparing American automakers with public schools - John Biver
-- Dangers from the political allocation of capital - John Biver

-- Illinois Republican Party Announces Blago's Newest Friend - Mark Johnson
-- Push Must Begin to Pressure Democrat Leaders To Organize a Special Election - IL House Republican Leader Tom Cross and IL Sen Leader Christine Radogno


-- VIDEO CLIP: Blago Democrats

-- NoMoreHacks in Illinois

-- Illinois Republican Party Poll: 66 percent say do special election; GOP candidate news; Daley reacts to issue - Rich Miller
-- Impeachment roundup - Rich Miller

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Gregory Tejeda's argument that "Blagojevich Democrats" do not dominate the Illinois Democrat Party (IDP) is similar to the argument that "Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar, George Ryan, Jim Ryan, Judy Baar Topinka, Bob Kjellander, Andy McKenna, Randy Pollard, Tom Cross, Christine Radogno Republicans" do not dominate the Illinois Republican Party (IRP). While there are many similarities between Blagojevich and Thompson, Edgar, the Ryans, Topinka, Kjellander, McKenna, Pollard, Cross, and Radogno, there are major differences. A major difference is that Blagojevich acts and talks like he supports the IDP's base (liberals) and he wants to advance the IDP platform while Thompson, Edgar, the Ryans, Topinka, Kjellander, McKenna, Pollard, Cross, and Radogno act and talk like they despise the IRP's base (conservatives) and want to shred the IRP platform.

-- President-elect Obama: Hands Off Patrick Fitzgerald U.S. Attorney for Illinois' Northern District Should Stay Right Where He Is - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- Insiders still own Illinois' Senate seat - Douglas O'Brien
-- Whatever Happened to the Law and Order Issue? - Karl Spence

-- The Taint of Scandal Envelops Democrats - Donald Lambro
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bill Murchison blames all past, present, and future problems on unions

-- Saudi Billionaire Buys Good Press in United States - Cliff Kincaid

-- Rush Strikes Back at 'Turncoat' Colin Powell - Phil Brennan

-- Blagojevich Impeachment May Take Months A House committee made up of 12 Democrats and nine Republicans is expected to hold several weeks of hearings to determine whether Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich should be impeached.
-- Unhappy Republicans in Illinois ???? - Greta Van Susteren (DIERSEN: This is a December 16 Illinois Republican Party press release received by the Fox News Channel but NOT received by GOPUSA ILLINOIS.)

-- Blagojevich Impeachment Inquiry Stalls - Monica Davey

-- IL-Senate: A Special Or Not? - Chris Cillizza

-- Investigative Panel Meets to Discuss Blago Impeachment

-- Welcome to the Blagosphere The governor practiced market-based management. - Frank Thomas
-- Lawmakers Reject Election for Illinois Senate Seat If Blagojevich Resigns or Is Impeached, Lieutenant Governor Will Make Appointment -- Keeping the Decision in Democrats' Hands - Douglas Belkin

-- Ipsos/McClatchy Poll: Illinois voters say Blagojevich must go - Steven Thomma

-- Blagojevich Impeachment Panel Ponders Abuse of Power- Joe Carroll

-- Illinois Democrats and Republicans clash over potential Obama special election - Christopher Wills
-- Illinois speaker Michael Madigan, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have stormy past with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich - Don Babwin
-- Illinois impeachment panel awaits Blagojevich attorney Ed Genson - Christopher Wills

-- Spokesman: Jackson Jr. a past informant in Illinois probe

-- White House: 'No hard feelings' for shoe-thrower - Andy Barr
-- Nepotism Nation: Democrats embrace dynasty politics - Charles Mahte Sian

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: At CPAC 2008, Diersen was the first person to shake Gingrich's hand as he headed to the stage to proclaim that he would rather have a McCain as President who he would disagree with 10% of the time than an Obama as President who he would disagree with 90% of the time. But now, sadly, Gingrich seems to a) support those who support Obama's associations with anti-conservatives and with criminals and b) blast those who oppose Obama's associations with anti-conservatives and with criminals.

-- The South Rises Again To Stab America in the Heart with the Complicity of the GOP - John Lorenz
-- Illinois, The Land of Larceny - Mike Kohr

-- VERY SAD: Congress tries to kill Detroit - Editorial

-- Toyota Republicans stomp on Detroit - Pat Buchanan
(THE ARTICLE: GOP to Detroit: "Drop Dead!" So may have read the headline Friday had not President Bush stepped in to save GM, Ford and Chrysler, which Senate Republicans had just voted to send to the knacker's yard. What are Republicans thinking of, pulling the plug at Christmas on GM, risking swift death for the greatest manufacturing company in American history, a strategic asset and pillar of the U.S. economy? The $14 billion loan to the Big Three that Republican senators filibustered to death is just 2 percent of the $700 billion the Senate voted to bail out Wall Street. Having gone along with bailouts of Bear Stearns, AIG, Fannie, Freddie and CitiGroup, why refuse a reprieve to an industry upon which millions of the best blue-collar jobs in America depend? In a good year, Americans buy 17 million cars. A more populous European Union probably buys as many. Three billion people in India, Southeast Asia and China, four times as many people as there are in the EU and United States, are moving toward the middle class. They, too, will be wanting cars. And millions of them love American cars. Is the Republican Party so fanatic in its ideology that, rather than sin against a commandment of Milton Friedman, it is willing to see America written forever out of this fantastic market, let millions of jobs vanish and write off the industrial Midwest? So it would seem. "Companies fail every day, and others take their place," said Sen. Richard Shelby on "Face the Nation." Presumably, the companies that will "take their place," when GM, Ford and Chrysler die, are German, Japanese or Korean, like the ones lured into Shelby's state of Alabama, with the bait of subsidies free-market Republicans are supposed to abhor. In 1993, Alabama put together a $258 million package to bring a Mercedes plant in. In 1999, Honda was offered $158 million to build a plant there. In 2002, Alabama won a Hyundai plant by offering a $252 million subsidy. "We have a number of profitable automakers in America, and they should not be disadvantaged for making wise business decisions while failure is rewarded," says Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina. DeMint is referring to "profitable automakers" like BMW, which sited a plant in Spartanburg, after South Carolina offered the Germans a $150 million subsidy and $80 million to expand. Be it BMW, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi or Hyundai, the South has become a sanctuary for foreign assembly plants, for which Southern states have been paying subsidies. Fine. But why this "Let-them-eat-cake!" coldness toward U.S. auto companies? General Motors employs more workers than all these foreign plants combined. And, unlike Mitsubishi, General Motors didn't bomb Pearl Harbor. Do these Southern senators understand why the foreign automakers suddenly up and decided to build plants in the United States? It was the economic nationalism of Ronald Reagan. When an icon of American industry, Harley-Davidson, was being run out of business by cutthroat Japanese dumping of big bikes to kill the "Harley Hog," Reagan slapped 50 percent tariffs on their motorcycles and imposed quotas on imported Japanese cars. Message to Tokyo: If you folks want to keep selling cars here, start building them here. Fear of Reaganism brought those foreign automakers, lickety-split, to America's shores, not any love of Southern cooking. Do the Republicans not yet understand how they lost the New Majority coalition that gave them three landslides and five victories in six presidential races from 1968 to 1988? Do they not know why the Reagan Democrats in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan are going home? The Republican Party gave their jobs away! How? By telling U.S. manufacturers they could shut plants here, get rid of their U.S. workers, build factories in Mexico, Asia or China, and ship their products back, free of charge. Republican globalists gave U.S. manufacturers every incentive to go abroad and take their jobs with them, the jobs of Middle America. And, for 30 years, that is what U.S. manufacturers have done, have been forced to do, as their competitors closed down and moved their plants abroad in search of low-wage Third World labor. It's Herbert Hoover time in here, Vice President Cheney is said to have told the Senate Republicans -- as they prepared to march out onto the floor and turn thumbs down on any reprieve for General Motors. In today's world, America faces nationalistic trade rivals who manipulate currencies, employ nontariff barriers, subsidize their manufacturers, rebate value-added taxes on exports to us and impose value-added taxes on imports from us, all to capture our markets and kill our great companies. And we have a Republican Party blissfully ignorant that we live in a world of us or them. It doesn't even know who "us" is. We need a new team on the field and a new coach who believes with Vince Lombardi that "winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." Pat Buchanan is a former Republican and Reform Party candidate for President, adviser to two Presidents and a syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.)

-- Reasons why many Toyota Republican candidates, elected officials, and party leaders are headed for defeat - Dave Diersen
Sadly, reasons why many Toyota Republican candidates, many Toyota Republican elected officials, and many Toyota Republican Party leaders are headed for defeat include that sadly, they come across like they a) despise if not hate all unions and especially despise if not hate the UAW; b) despise if not hate all union workers and especially despise if not hate UAW workers; c) despise if not hate all non-union GM, Ford, and Chrysler workers and especially despise if not hate their managers and executives; d) despise if not hate all GM, Ford, and Chrysler retirees, stockholders, and suppliers; e) despise if not hate all vehicles made by GM, Ford, and Chrysler; f) despise if not hate everyone whoever purchased a GM, Ford, of Chrysler vehicle; g) despise if not hate those involved in selling or servicing GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles; h) despise if not hate anyone who argues that the design, engineering, production, distribution, marketing, and servicing of the vehicles that America needs is vital to America's national security; and i) own stock in foreign vehicle manufactures and other foreign companies that will make even greater profits if GM, Ford, and Chrysler are driven out of business. Voters who are turned off by all that include those who a) are associated with unions; b) are associated with GM, Ford, or Chrysler as employees, retirees, stockholders, suppliers, etc.; c) own vehicles made by GM, Ford, and Chrysler; d) are involved in selling or servicing GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles; and e) believe that the design, engineering, production, distribution, marketing, and servicing of the vehicles that America needs is vital to America's national security. I urge these Toyota Republican candidates, elected officials, and party leaders to reconsider, and if not, to consider leaving the Republican Party and forming a new political party with a name like "We Hate Unions, We Hate The American Automotive Industry, We Want the South and Foreigners to Control America" party. The reasons argued why GM, Ford, and Chrysler should file Chapter 11 bankruptcy are very similar to the reasons argued why the United States and each of the 50 states should also file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Those Toyota Republicans who argue that GM, Ford, and Chrysler should file Chapter 11 bankruptcy should also argue the United States and each of the 50 states should also file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That is exactly what is wanted by those countries, companies, organizations, and individuals that want to take over the United States, if not destroy the United States.

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