Saturday, December 20, 2008

Keep love in your heart: the Rod Blagojevich story

This is hysterical. Via ILGOP

I'll keep this post open for weekend Bleepgate postings.

LaHood over the Pork Barrel (not Bleepgate but close)

Obama's going to govern the country the same way Daley governed Chicago. Competent Chiefs that garner praise from Corporate Republicans, and contracts as the glue that holds the coalition together. Here's AP's Jim Shuhr in on the guy managing the contracts: LaHood will be key in big public works plan

Retiring Rep. Ray LaHood ranks among his state’s leaders when it comes to bringing federal money home to Illinois. As Barack Obama’s transportation secretary, LaHood would apply those skills on a much grander scale.

For starters, if confirmed by the Senate, he will be looked upon to oversee the monster public works program President-elect Obama has promised as a means of jolting the nation’s down-in-the-dumps economy back to life.
Oberweis as place holder

Joe the Libertarian writes What Should Blagojevich do?
Second he should appoint a placeholder for Obama's Senate seat. My preferred choice is Jim Oberweis...why? Simple, Oberweis is considered a gadfly by now and disliked by not only Democrats but also a majority of Republican (I happen to like him and agree with him most of the time). Also, he is extremely wealthy and would make the 2010 primaries and possibly general election interesting. Also, by appointing a Republican like Oberweis would be a major snub to the Democrats that have stabbed him in the back and weaken the Republican's criticism of him.
I don't think it would dampen GOP criticism but it would be wild ride for sure.

Hugh Hewitt: Blagojevich Will Get All Of the Emanuel Tapes
...Blago’s lawyers are going to get complete copies – not just transcripts – of everything Emanuel said to him.

And, I’m guessing that Fitzgerald has not shared with the Obama administration what it is Emanuel has been recorded as saying, thus the complete silence by Emanuel since this issue broke into the press. He can’t say anything now for fear that there is a recorded conversation that will contradict him.
Obama's administration will start crippled with a COS who can't talk to anyone.


Anonymous,  10:57 AM  

Actually; the premise of Oberweis as both a stab in the back to the D's and also as a placeholder is spot on.

He could serve out the last 2 years; and almost certainly not win re-nomination in a primary, or re-election in a general election; perhaps even if he ran against Rod Blagojevich himself.

Bill Baar 11:07 AM  

I don't think Oberweis in the Senate would make us look any bigger fools here in Illinois than we look now.

A old time Elginite told me yesterday she used to be embarrassed to say she was from Elgin (old times can be self critical like that she said)... now she's embarrased to say she's from Illinois.

Bring on the big O Rod...can't be any worse than now.

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