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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 8, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 8, 2008

DIERSEN: Outrageously, America has let foreign countries, let foreign organizations, let foreign companies, and let foreign individuals take control of the production of almost everything America needs to survive. Needless-to-say, that threatens America's national security. America needs vehicles to survive. The production of vehicles is vital to America's national security. Needless-to-say, America should not let foreigners take control of the production of the vehicles it needs.

-- GM Production Cuts Go Into Effect Today
(THE ARTICLE: General Motors plans go into effect today to cut production at plants across the country. GM Powertrain in Tonawanda will be effected. Starting today, Plant 5 is completely shut down. The LA-50 line that makes Chevy Colbalt engines will be down to one shift. Meanwhile, the debate over the future of the US Auto industry continues in Washington, D.C. Senator Chris Dodd says automakers need new leadership in order to convince taxpayers that their bailout money is "necessary and justified." Dodd appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America." United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger told NBC's "Today" show that workers should not be "scapegoats" for automakers' problems, though labor is willing to help the companies. House and Senate aides are working out the details on an agreement that would give billions to automakers within a week. Congressional aides say a government-run board and overseer would manage the aid. The size of the package hasn't been finalized, but is expected to be about $15 billion.)

-- Wright visits Trinity pulpit, lashes media - Manya A. Brachear
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama lowers expectations, again,0,4402613.story
-- Internet drives Barack Obama birth-certificate battle Web allows opinions to "live forever," expert says - Tim Jones,0,7258812.story
-- Anti-illegal immigration crusader Tom Tancredo retires from Congress proud of outsider status - Kristen Wyatt,0,6069861.story

-- Tribune prepares for possible bankruptcy filing: WSJ - Reuters
-- McDonald's girding for union fight - David Sterrett

-- Wright: Obama made 'bad' choice to distance self, but it's ok - Maureen O'Donnell (FROM THE ARTICLE: "He’s still my child," Wright said in a sermon in which he expressed pride in Obama’s longtime association with Trinity United Church of Christ.),wright-obama-bad-decision-120808.article
-- Road to riches? Obama plate might give state budget a boost "If 500,000 Obama fans would go for a plate with his likeness, it would mean $12.5 million for the state." - Chris Fusco (DIERSEN: Why just Obama? Why not put other popular Illinois Democrats like Ayers, Bean, Costello, Blagojevich, Davis, Durbin, Emanuel, Foster, Giannoulias, Gutierrez, Halvorson, Hare, Hynes, Jackson, Jones, Lipinski, Madigan, Quinn, Rezko, Rush, Schakowsky, Stroger, White, Wright, etc. on the plate? Why not add the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald, Crain's, ABC7, NBC5, CBS2, etc.?),CST-NWS-watchdog08.article
-- Ford Chief Alan Mulally: GM or Chrysler bankruptcy would hurt Ford - AP,mulally-ford-chrysler-autos-bailout-120808.article
-- Dodd: Rising joblessness forces aid for automakers - AP,dodd-joblessness-auto-bailout-120808.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Driving the stock market down to elect Obama and driving the economy down to elect Obama was easy. But what about driving the stock market and the economy back up in time for the inauguration?
-- Liberals Voice Concerns About Obama - Carol E. Lee and Nia-Malika Henderson
-- Obama: I Wont Smoke in the White House

-- Obama Suggests Some Auto Execs Should Go (AND REPLACE THEM WITH WHO FROM WHERE?)
-- White House, Dems Working On Auto Bailout Details - AP
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama lowers expectations, again (Includes video clip)

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 5X8-INCH COLOR PICTURE: DIERSEN HEADLINE/QUESTIONS: VERY SAD: Again, the liberal Democrat news media blames Whites for all problems that Blacks had, have, or will have. To what extent did that help elect Obama? Once Obama takes office, will Blacks demand reparations? Which Whites will be forced to pay reparations? Male Whites? Older Whites? Conservative Whites? Republican Whites? Whites who own American nameplate vehicles?
-- Conservatives live up to 'country first' - Christopher Skeet, Chicago
-- Don't be tricked into gift of 'health' - William Beckman, Executive Director, Illinois Right to Life Committee, Chicago

-- DIERSEN QUESTION: When visitors come to Springfield, Illinois, who are they more interested in, Obama or Lincoln?

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: DEMOCRATS AND RINOS ARE OVERJOYED: Knowing full well that if Bush commuted Ryan's sentence, it would set the Republican Party back another 10 years and it would set the Illinois Republican Party back another 50 years, Kevin McDermott argues furiously that Bush should commute Ryan's sentence.

-- China's Path to World Power - Patrick J. Buchanan

-- Jesus Versus the Atheists - Bill O'Reilly

-- $15B vote for Big Three - Silla Brush
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama lowers expectations, again
-- It’s Unforgivably Reckless For Congress To Not Rescue Big Three

-- Watch: Rev. Wright TV Ad That McCain Would Not Run 30-second Spot on Obama's Pastor Was Ready to Air, Would It Have Made a Difference? - Anna Schecter, Eric Longabardi, and Brian Ross (Includes video clip)

-- Chicago Tribune Hires Advisers to Try Staving Off Bankruptcy
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Diersen urges Bush and Obama to appoint Romney America's "car czar"
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 5X10-INCH COLOR PICTURE: Detroit Churches Pray for ‘God’s Bailout’ - Nick Bunkley

-- Chicago Tribune Company Taps Lazard, Weighs Filing for Chapter 11 - Dennis K. Berman, Shira Ovide, and Matthew Karnitsching
-- Negotiations on Auto Aid Show Bush's Influence in Final Days - Greg Hitt
-- FROM THE ARTICLE: On Sunday, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.), a supporter of emergency loans for Detroit, suggested Mr. Wagoner should go if the government follows through and provides billions of dollars to help the auto giant restructure and return to profitability. - John Stoll and Greg Hitt
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 4.5X5.5-INCH COLOR PICTURE: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Diersen urges Bush and Obama to appoint Romney America's "car czar"

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: New problems for those who want India to control production of all vehicles in America

-- The Republican Party: Anti-slavery then, pro-life now - John Andrews

-- Did Obama Buy The White House With Illegal Money? - Herb Denenberg

-- ONE MORE REASON TO ATTEND THE ILLINOIS REPUBLICAN PARTY MEETING IN BOLINGBROOK THIS SATURDAY: Contest for Republican Party chairman remains fluid - Paul West,0,6448973.story

-- JANUARY 14, 1992 FLASHBACK: Republican conservative agenda and Gov. Edgar

-- Anti-religion war spreads to Illinois capitol - Fran Eaton

-- Springfield Nativity Scene Committee (SNSC) members to Discuss Atheist's Planned Signage on Talk Radio: Political Dialogue or Hate Speech? SNSC leaders discuss propriety of anti-Judeo-Christian message on the nationally syndicated Laurie Roth radio show

-- Bill Brady and Pat Brady give outstanding presentations at TAPROOT's 2008 Christmas Party - Dave Diersen
Illinois Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady and Illinois Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Brady gave outstanding presentations and fielded many outstanding questions at TAPROOT's 2008 Christmas Party Sunday, December 7, at the Orchard Brook Club House in Downers Grove. Bob Biggins, Bill Brady, Wally Brown, John Kinsella, Chris Lauzen, Jim Oberweis, Sean O'Kane, Rosanna Pulido, Joan Solms, Rick Stock, and Jon Zahm spoke at TAPROOT's 2007 Christmas party; Jim Oberweis, Teri O'Brien, and Rosanna Pulido spoke at TAPROOT's 2006 Christmas Party; and Joe Birkett and Jim Oberweis spoke at TAPROOT's 2005 Christmas Party. Scott Bludorn spoke for Ron Paul and Joseph Denner spoke for Mike Huckabee at TAPROOT's January 2008 meeting, Pat Brady spoke for John McCain at the February meeting, Pat Durante spoke at the March meeting, Dan Proft and Bruno Behrend spoke at the April meeting, Chris Lauzen spoke at the May meeting, Rosanna Pulido spoke at the August picnic, Jack Roeser spoke at the September meeting, and Carol Pankau spoke at the November meeting.

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