Friday, December 26, 2008

Peoria Museum backers taking a second drag off the public tit

Backers of the downtown museum project want the upcoming economic stimulus package to include $4 million to build a parking deck. This is in addition to the extra sales taxes they want Peoria County residents to pay at the cash register.

My two cents: The County Board is going to vote this month on whether to put the sales tax hike on the April 7 ballot. In 99 percent sure it will be on the ballot, because I doubt there are three politicians in the entire county with the testicular fortitude to say "no" to Caterpillar, which whispers that they will leave Peoria whenever there's a chance they won't get their way.

I can predict what will happen. The argument will now be made that if we say no to this sales tax, we'll be saying good bye to a free $4 million from the Feds. After all, isn't our guy Ray LaHood in charge is doling out transportation dough? Aren't these jobs going to go to "local" guys?

Feh. We need to spend our cash on essential services, not bread and circuses.
pigs at the trough

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