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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 7, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 7, 2008

-- Two Bradys to speak at TAPROOT's Christmas Party today, Sunday, December 7 -- Illinois Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady and Illinois Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Brady - Dave Diersen
Illinois Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady and Illinois Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Brady will speak at TAPROOT's 2008 Christmas Party today, Sunday, December 7. All Republicans are invited to attend the party which will be held at the Orchard Brook Club House, 1089 West 35th Street, near the intersection of Highland Avenue and 35th Street in Downers Grove between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM in Downers Grove. The location is the same as last year. If you take the Reagan (I-88), turn off on Highland and go south and then turn west onto 35th Street. The first building that you see on the south side of the street is the club house. You will also see a swimming pool and a large parking lot. TAPROOT will supply coffee and soft drinks. Bring your own snacks, beverages, and something to share. Bring a guest! For members, please, bring your checkbooks to renew membership -- the annual membership fee is $25. RSVPs are appreciated but not required. Bob Biggins, Bill Brady, Wally Brown, John Kinsella, Chris Lauzen, Jim Oberweis, Sean O'Kane, Rosanna Pulido, Joan Solms, Rick Stock, and Jon Zahm spoke at TAPROOT's 2007 Christmas party; Jim Oberweis, Teri O'Brien, and Rosanna Pulido spoke at TAPROOT's 2006 Christmas Party; and Joe Birkett and Jim Oberweis spoke at TAPROOT's 2005 Christmas Party. Phone TAPROOT Chairman Dave Diersen at 630-653-0462 or TAPROOT Communications Director George Kocan at 630-393-6401 with your question or RSVP.

-- FOUR VIDEO CLIPS: Federal prosecutor Patrick Collins talks about why former Governor George Ryan does not deserve a pardon. Former Governor Jim Thompson offers arguments why Ryan should be pardoned. Illinois GOP part Chairman Andy McKenna, DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett and Carbondale Mayor Brad Cole discuss the future of the State Republican Party. Obama Transition Co-Chair Bill Daley looks at the Obama team.

-- Gov. Rod Blagojevich's career marked by contrast Backing George Ryan's release is at odds with earlier criticism of predecessor - Ray Long,0,1806545.story
-- Heartfelt words (FROM JANET WILLIS) put Ryan release in context - John Kass,0,7962327.column
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Obama promoting Chicago Tribune demonizes and denigrates anyone who does not promote Obama,0,5348796.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Clarence Pages urges Blacks to promote homosexual activity,0,7826587.column
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: To help drive GM, Ford, and Chrysler out of business, the Chicago Tribune outrageously argues that if the Chicago Tribune succeeds in driving GM, Ford, and Chrysler out of business, getting parts and service for GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles will not be a problem.,0,165793.story

-- Obama: Public Works Project Will Employ Millions (Includes video clip)

-- "Retired" Dunn to fill Senger's spot on Naperville council - Kathy Cichon,2_1_AU07_DUNN_S1.article
-- Irvin announces his second bid for mayor - Andre Salles,2_1_AU07_IRVIN_S1.article

-- Male teachers in short supply School districts seeing fewer men than women in classrooms - Erin Calandriello and Cigi Ross,3_1_EL07_A1TEACHERS_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Peoria Journal Star promotes LaHood, again

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Southtown Star promotes Radogno, again,120708FMradogno_.article
-- Little guys make case for auto bailout - Phil Kadner,120708Kadner.article

-- Farmers target EPA report they say might tax cows - AP (FROM THE ARTICLE: American Farm Bureau Federation said, based on federal agriculture department figures, it would require farms or ranches with more than 25 dairy cows, 50 beef cattle or 200 hogs to pay an annual fee of about $175 for each dairy cow, $87.50 per head of beef cattle and $20 for each hog.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Sheryl Jedlinski of Palatine is way out of date. For many decades now, especially within almost all federal agencies, those who refuse to promote homosexual activity are the ones who are discriminated against. Outrageously, it is almost impossible to advance in most companies and organizations unless you promote homosexual activity.

-- Nativity scene at Capitol is ‘a free-speech exercise’ - Bernard Schoenburg
(THE ARTICLE: If the placement of a Nativity scene in the Statehouse last week starts a trend at other public places in Illinois, that would be fine with organizers of the display. But they’re not going to force the issue. “We’re here to be a catalyst towards the goal, but forcing it upon someone does nothing,” said DAN ZANOZA of Lincoln, chairman of the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee, which held an unveiling ceremony Tuesday. “Yes, we would like to see a Nativity scene on Christmas in every town, in every hamlet, in every municipality, but that’s if the people of those communities would like it to be.” Zanoza, his wife JULIE, and other members of the committee got the help of the Chicago-based Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm, in organizing the event. The Italian marble figures of baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph cost about $7,000, and the society, at 29 S. LaSalle St., Suite 440, Chicago, IL 60603, is accepting donations to pay for them. THOMAS BREJCHA, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, made it clear in remarks at the unveiling that the private funding is what made the display appropriate for a public building. “The legal theory involved here is simple and essential,” Brejcha said. “It’s a free-speech exercise. If you can stand on your soapbox, proclaim your politics in America’s public square, then equally you can proclaim your religious faith and the values that that faith enshrines.” He said the Nativity scene, scheduled to be in place through Dec. 28, “is not a public statement by our government, but a statement by the citizens who are the ultimate governors of our democracy.” To allow political speech in the rotunda, but not private religious speech, would be “a terrible violation of the First Amendment,” he said. He said his firm would work with lawyers elsewhere who want to make sure they are following the law in seeking to show their displays. A former chairman of the Thomas More Society got an injunction barring discrimination against religious expression in Chicago’s Daley Plaza in the late 1980s. “So this law has been established for some time,” he said. While Brejcha lamented that the secretary of state now calls its rotunda display a “holiday tree” instead of a Christmas tree, he also said he thinks if other private groups want to express their views, the more the merrier. “If another group, another religion, wants to put up a display here, more power to ’em,” Brejcha said. “That’s their right, and they should do it. The more public expressions we have of our different points of view, the better off our democracy will be.” Zanoza, who noted that his blindness keeps him from seeing the creche even as he worked to allow others to see it, has written on his Web site,, that Statehouse records don’t show that a manager scene has been displayed in the Capitol in the past. A Chicago-based Jewish organization placed a menorah, associated with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, at the Capitol in 2004.)
-- Nativity scene will get some company - Doug Finke
-- Illinois’ financial day of reckoning is close at hand - Mike Lawrence

-- State Senator Kirk Dillard steps-up on direct elections reform - Doug Ibendahl
(THE COMMENTARY: Never let it be said that Champion News doesn't give credit where credit is due. We've been critical of State Senator Kirk Dillard in the past - for a number of reasons. And his ongoing infatuation with Barack Obama remains a serious disappointment. But I'm officially taking back five percent of the bad things I've ever said about Senator Dillard. Dillard has really risen to the occasion on direct elections. He recently appeared on Jeff Berkowitz's cable television show and strongly championed the reform. You can watch the show HERE. ( Dillard's excellent advocacy for direct elections comes at the very end. Dillard also says "it's probably time for wholesale changes in the Republican Party." He adds that change maybe has to include replacing Andy McKenna, Jr. as State Chairman. We couldn't agree more, and we've been saying so for a long time. Dillard also talks about how directly electing the State Central Committee will help give us needed change. He notes that we used to have direct elections before that right was taken away from the rank-and-file. Now the Illinois Democrats have direct democracy, but we don't. They win and we keep losing. Kudos to Senator Dillard. He clearly gets it on this issue. We're keeping a running list of the Republicans in support of the reform - and those opposed - HERE. ( We ask for everyone's help. We want to get every GOP official on record. So when you see or talk to your GOP officials - ask them where they stand on the direct elections reform. Pass along the responses to me at and we'll update the online list immediately. The good news is the pro-democracy side currently outnumbers those opposed to giving Republicans back their voice by a margin of around 10 to 1. And frankly the "Opposed" list of names reads like a history text of why the Illinois Republican Party is such a national joke today. Let history record forever that they stood against giving Republicans the same voting rights that every Democrat already enjoys. It's a fitting end to their failed tenures as leaders. Again, well done Kirk. We look forward to more elected officials following your example by standing-up publicly for ALL Republicans.)

-- Mom, Apple Pie, and Hyundai? The auto industry has been a bulwark of the American middle class. If Wall Street warrants a bailout, why not Detroit? - Pat Choate

-- Rezko, the Illinois Governor and Obama's Senate Replacement - Mark Karlin

-- Obama (when the teleprompter is) Unplugged - Jon Kraushar

-- UAW fights old image in quest for federal aid Union joins Big 3 to pursue lifeline - Steve Eder and Homer Brickey

-- Congress works on a deal to save automakers

-- DIERSEN QUESTION: How severely will the Democrat Party punish Blacks who refuse to promote homosexual activity?
-- Republicans Divided on Aid to Automakers - David Herszenhorn

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