Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blagojevich 1, Illinois GA 0, Team Obama -1

Yesterday's lesson is don't play chicken with a kid from the Northwest Side. He'll team up with a kid from Centralia and they'll double blindside you.

Democrats got scared about a special election and failed to immediately strip Blagojevich of the power to appoint Obama's replacement.

Instead they went straight to impeachment proceedings, but then feared a balanced 50/50 committee that would allow GOP members to call witnesses like Emanuel and Jarrett, and oh my follow some paths to this story Team Obama didn't want followed.

So we ended up with weak hearings and hesitation while Fitz contemplated coming to the rescue with a few choice tapes. (Who runs this impeachment? Read Fitzgerald must be worried.)

So the kid from Cicero Ave, and the kid from Centralia, call that really tough ex-panther kid and clobber the blowharts on their break.

Grow up hanging around street corners in Chicago and you could have seen this coming.

They don't teach it at the U of C where they have all those blue poles to call for rescue. In the rest of the city you gotta take the bully out yourself the first time. 'Cause if you blow it, he'll be back; and sometimes with other toughs you didn't think would join him in revenge.

So rack up a point for the The Guv, zero for the GA, and deduct 1 point for Team Obama for thinking they didn't have to come to the fight at all. They could hide behind Fitz and his blue pole instead.

Somebody's gotta tell Obama's folks the world isn't Hyde Park surrounded by those invisible protective walls with those blue panic poles all over the place. Sometimes you gotta come to the fight and stand up for yourself.


DuPage Saint,  12:44 PM  

I never voted for this guy and thought he was a clown, but I have to admit I am beginning to like him.
Last time I checked, he is governor and it his job to appoint and appoint he did. Burris is now senator, throw out Rod he still is senator, what is Quinn going to do appoint another senator? And, if he can why not replace Durbin too?

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