Saturday, December 20, 2008

Balgo Star Wars

by Cal Skinner

When I saw the Chicago Tribune headline yesterday,

Strikes Back

I thought Star Wars.

Not knowing the plot as well as my son, I had to ask my son whether the Empire represented good or bad.

“Bad,” was the immediate answer.

So there's no contest of what character should represent Rod Blagojevich:

Darth Vader

And where would I find a photo of Darth Vader?

I looked to see if I took one at Disney World.

Guess I didn't get close enough.

Now, I know it was not Rod Blagojevich in the costume.

I doubt Blagojevich has ever been in McHenry County, except maybe to get to Rockford for the first 2002 gubernatorial debate, which he and GOP candidate Jim Ryan conspired to exclude me. (Part of the Tollway goes through the southwestern edge of McHenry County.)

So, just think of it as a representation of concept.

Now, the clone warriors, because of the recent cartoon movie, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” I know are good guys.

Maybe they represent Illinois state representatives.

Maybe they will take Darth Vader out of our universe before he does more evil.

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