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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 5, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 5, 2008

-- Birkett joins foes of Ryan clemency - Art Barnum,0,7924299.story
-- Feds taped Blagojevich Adviser John Myma cooperated with corruption probe, sources say - Jeff Coen, John Chase and David Kidwell,0,3382775.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Executive Director Joshua Hoyt urges that the Republican Party should join with Karl Rove, join with George W. Bush, join with John McCain, and join with the Democrat Party and give Mexican activists everything they want. Of course, that would mean that the Republican Party would have to expel conservatives from the party, that is, expel from the party the people who support the party's platform.,0,7204751.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Countries, companies, organizations, and individuals spent $1 billion to elect Obama. Who do they want Obama to punish? It seems that most of Obama's promoters blame all the world's past, present, and future problems on America, on Americans, on Republicans, on Whites, on males, on older people, on conservatives, on Christians, on pro-lifers, on heterosexuals, on those who pay lots of income tax, on those who pay lots of property tax, on non-union members, on anyone who ever had anything to do with the American automotive industry, on those who believe in capitalism, on contributing members of society, on etc. I seems that everyone who promotes Obama blames all problems on everyone who does not promote Obama.,0,1335208.story
-- Obama's nearly billion reasons for thanks - John McCormick and Mike Dorning
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Many, including your GOPUSA Illinois Editor, believe that to want GM, Ford, or Chrysler to file bankruptcy is a) to want them to go out of business and b) to want foreigners to take over total control of vehicle production in America. Sadly, the Chicago Tribune wants GM, Ford, and Chrysler to file bankruptcy.,0,4128706.story
-- Avoiding blame in auto industry crisis - David Espo,0,3442637.story

-- Birkett pens letter to Bush on Ryan - Joseph Ryan
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PHOTO IN DUPAGE EDITION: Former DuPage County board member Yolanda Campuzano lobbies for new DuPage County "Ethnic Outreach Coordinator" position - Jake Griffin (DIERSEN: Campuzano, who "speaks fluent Spanish," would "reach out to ethnic minorities, specifically the Hispanic and Latino folks in DuPage County." Diersen suggests that the county create a new "Liberal Outreach Coordinator" position and hire someone who "speaks fluent conservatism" who would reach out to the liberals who are moving into the county to take advantage of the prosperity and safety that conservatives created. Just kidding.)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: "Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation" promotes divisive race based politics
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PICTURE IN DUPAGE EDITION: Durbin blasted Libby commutation, says that's 'dramatically different' - Joseph Ryan
-- DuPage schools left waiting for state to pay its bills - Justin Kmitch
-- Courthouse Square a great fit in downtown Wheaton - Sherry Giewald
-- Zion's reactor site needs second look - Nancy J. Thorner, Lake Bluff

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama stepgrandmother says British tortured Obama's grandfather. Of course, Obama's promoters will call for Obama to punish everyone of British ancestry. Diersen's ancestry is 100% German. Diersen's father's mother told Diersen her first love was a man with 100% British ancestry, but his parents killed their marriage plans because they did not want him to marry a woman with German ancestry.,CST-NWS-Obama05.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: On pages 2 and 3 of its print edition, the Chicago Sun-Times publishes an 8X11-inch black and white picture of three old white men getting out of an "electric car" that has no wheel covers. The three are GM chief Rick Wagoner, Senator Carl Levin, and Representative Sander Levin.,bailout-auto-senate120508.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Falsani asks the Dalai Lama "What makes GOD smile?" Diersen is sure she wants him to say using government to take more and more money if not all money away from the productive members of society and give that money to those who are not productive members of society, another words, anything that promotes dependency on government, socialism, or communism makes GOD smile.,CST-NWS-fals05.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Steve Huntley comes up with a reason to support Durbin,CST-EDT-hunt05.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Michael Sneed comes up with a reason why Bush will not commute Ryan,CST-NWS-sneed05.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Neil Steinberg does what he can to lower everyone's expectations for Obama,CST-NWS-stein05.article

-- Report: Federal Agents Taped Gov. Blagojevich Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich Adviser John Wyma Helped With Investigation
-- Big 3 Face Tough Questions, Skepticism On Hill Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Aid Bill Doesn't Have Needed Votes In Senate (Includes video clip)

-- Biggert, Halvorson, and Jackson Jr. decry calls for clemency for Ryan - Nathaniel Zimmer,120508ryan.article

-- Debate Over Ryan Commutation Heats Up DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett says former Governor George Ryan should stay in prison. But Ryan's lawyer, former Governor Jim Thompson, continues to plead for mercy. - Sam Hudzik (Includes audio clip)
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Manzullo would like to "see a tax credit for people buying new cars."

-- Naperville woman selling Obama's Jeep is optimistic - Paige Winfield,6_1_NA05_JEEP_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Pro-abortion pro-homosexual Suburban Life praises pro-abortion pro-homosexual Radogno and throws pro-life Dillard under the bus
(FROM THE EDITORIAL: Some of Radogno’s positions have not endeared her to conservative Republicans, and her election as Senate minority leader drew some criticism. For example, she is pro-choice and supports rights for homosexuals. While that could prove problematic for some people, Radogno’s Senate colleagues obviously were impressed with her background as a genuine leader. This bodes well for her as the voice of an increasingly diverse caucus.)

-- Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan reacts fast - Ray Hanania

-- Pardon Me? - Daniel Kelley

-- "The Audacity of Milquetoast" - Kathy Michael

-- Roskam Joins Kirk In UAW Bashfest - Adam Doster

-- THOSE WHO WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA IF THEY CANNOT TAKE OVER AMERICA ARE OVERJOYED: Employers cut 533,000 jobs in November - most in 34 years - Jeannine Aversa

-- A Sale to Die For - Sandy Rios

-- Abortion industry picks Obama's staff - Jill Stanek
-- Weatherman terrorists: Obama's centrism a 'smokescreen' Forecast a radical agenda that would impress Lenin coming

-- Car Makers Take Case to the Web Lobbying for Bailout, GM, Chrysler and Ford Enlist Search Ads and YouTube - Emily Steel

-- Supreme Court to weigh question about Obama citizenship Unlikely decision could deny him presidency - Tom Ramstack

-- McCain Campaign Spent $110,000 on Palin’s Stylists - Michael Luo

-- Conservatives' new love object: Obama - Tony Norman

-- The truth about 'hate crimes' and the racial justice racket - Ron Smith,0,504953.column

-- Lawmakers urge Obama to keep diversity vow Richardson picked as commerce head

GOPUSA ILLINOIS-- Congresswoman Biggert, State Senator Cronin, and State Representatives Coladipietro, Fortner, Meyer, and Reboletti among the 900 hundred who attend an outstanding Schillerstrom holiday celebration in Medinah - Dave Diersen
www.gopillinois.com900 hundred attended an outstanding holiday celebration at the beautiful Medinah Country Club hosted by DuPage County Board Chairman and DuPage County Republican Party Secretary Robert Schillerstrom Thursday evening, December 4. Attendees included Carol Bertulis, Judy Biggert, Pat Bond, Mike Bowler, Pat Brady, Wally Brown, David Carlin, Lori Carlson, Gerry Cassioppi, Bob Cherry, Franco Coladipietro, Mike Connelly, Tina Connelly, Lynn Crane, Dan Cronin, John Curran, Mary Dickson, Bob Earl, Grant Eckhoff, Mike Formento, Mike Fortner, Dorothy French, Bob Grogan, Robert Heap, Moon Khan, Gary King, John Kinsella, Gus Leventis, Howard Levin, Mark Kmiecik, Amy Sejnost Kovacevic, Brian Krajewski, Dr. Bob Krzyzewski, Michael Kwasman, Bob Larsen, Patrick Leston, Carl and Dagmar Lofgren, Bill Maio, Gerald Marchese, Liz Martinez, Jim Meyer, Gary Muehlfelt, Rachel Ossyra, Linda Painter, Ken Popejoy, Mike Prueter, Don Puchalski, Dennis Reboletti, Darlene Ruscitti, Leonard Sanchez, Gail and Ron Smith, Ron Sutter, May Yurgaitis, Rick Veenstra, Gary Vician, Dan Wagner, Joe Wozniak, Sr. & Jr., and Jim Zay.

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