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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 6, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - December 6, 2008

-- Two Bradys to speak at TAPROOT's Christmas Party tomorrow, Sunday, December 7 -- Illinois Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady and Illinois Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Brady - Dave Diersen
Illinois Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady and Illinois Republican Party National Committeeman Pat Brady will speak at TAPROOT's 2008 Christmas Party on Sunday, December 7. All Republicans are invited to attend the party which will be held at the Orchard Brook Club House, 1089 West 35th Street, near the intersection of Highland Avenue and 35th Street in Downers Grove between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM in Downers Grove. The location is the same as last year. If you take the Reagan (I-88), turn off on Highland and go south and then turn west onto 35th Street. The first building that you see on the south side of the street is the club house. You will also see a swimming pool and a large parking lot. TAPROOT will supply coffee and soft drinks. Bring your own snacks, beverages, and something to share. Bring a guest! For members, please, bring your checkbooks to renew membership -- the annual membership fee is $25. RSVPs are appreciated but not required. Bob Biggins, Bill Brady, Wally Brown, John Kinsella, Chris Lauzen, Jim Oberweis, Sean O'Kane, Rosanna Pulido, Joan Solms, Rick Stock, and Jon Zahm spoke at TAPROOT's 2007 Christmas party; Jim Oberweis, Teri O'Brien, and Rosanna Pulido spoke at TAPROOT's 2006 Christmas Party; and Joe Birkett and Jim Oberweis spoke at TAPROOT's 2005 Christmas Party. Phone TAPROOT Chairman Dave Diersen at 630-653-0462 or TAPROOT Communications Director George Kocan at 630-393-6401 with your question or RSVP.

-- Illinois Republican elected officials and candidates, Illinois Republican Party (IRP) Township Chairmen, IRP Ward Chairmen, IRP Precinct Committeemen, and IRP Precinct Captains continue to anxiously await details on IRP's December 13 meeting in Bolingbrook. The IRP County Chairman's Association meeting is said to start at 10:00 AM, the IRP State Central Committee (SCC) meeting is said to start at 11:00 AM, a luncheon is said to start immediately following the SCC meeting, and the proposed agenda is said to include presentations by candidates for the RNC National Chairman position. - Dave Diersen

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bean, Biggert, Foster, Manzullo, and Roskam "sit on the House committee now weighing a $34 billion rescue package for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler." Even though "Nearly 8,000 jobs in Illinois are directly tied to the Big Three and that doesn't include thousands more at independent car dealerships across the Chicago area" and "Three manufacturing plants employ thousands in northwestern Illinois, including Ford facilities in Chicago and Chicago Heights and a Chrysler plant in Belvidere," Roskam "appears to be the most critical of a Big Three bailout." Diersen is one of Roskam's constituents who argues that vehicle manufacture is vital to America's national security, and that therefore, foreign companies should not be allowed to take over that industry. Politicians who come across like they are more interested in demonizing and denigrating GM, Ford, and Chrysler than they are interested in protecting America's national security are headed for defeat.
-- Illinois to borrow $1.4 billion to pay waiting agencies, schools - John Patterson
-- Assessments should follow home values - Ron Stacy, Bloomingdale
-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PICTURE IN DUPAGE EDITION: Memorial crosses back up in DuPage County - Jake Griffin (DIERSEN: Article includes quotes from Milton Township Republican Precinct Committeemen Herb Wehling and J.R. McBride.)
-- Daily Herald blasts all "DuPage County leaders" for "the decision to remove those crosses without telling anyone"
-- Federal regulators green light CN merger with conditions - Marni Pyke
-- FROM THE REPORT: Senate candidate Steve Sauerberg won Barrington township - Joseph Ryan
-- Race not issue in not backing Obama - Lee Goldberg, Vernon Hills
-- DIERSEN QUESTIONS: How soon before everyone will get to ride free on public transportation except old White male conservatives who drive GM, Ford, or Chrysler cars? If the anti-Americans succeed in driving GM, Ford, and Chrysler out of business, how soon will it be before the last GM, Ford, Chrysler car is no longer drivable? Anti-Americans want America to be like Cuba, but wait, aren't Cubans still driving cars that GM, Ford, and Chrysler built in the 1950s?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Jonathan Cho of Carpentersville fails to acknowledge that if Americans had wasted their time learning foreign languages, America would never have been able to win the Civil War, win WWI, win WWII, put a man on the moon, slow down communism, etc., etc., and America would be a dysfunctional mess like the rest of world that wastes its time learning foreign languages. For many different reasons, just about everyone in the world is fluent in English or soon will be. So why should Americans waste their time learning foreign languages?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Carol Riebandt of Long Grove explains why she worships Obama
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Lisa Rehling of Streamwood seems to agree with Elton John that unless religions drop their opposition to homosexual activity, religions should be abolished

-- Congress, Bush Discuss $15 Billion Bailout For Autos

-- Rosemont mayor returns mob-linked funds Suburb one of 3 in running for state's 10th license - Chris Fusco,CST-NWS-casi07.article
-- GOP kept buying clothes for Palin, even $148 at Victoria's Secret - AP,CST-NWS-palin07.article
-- Pearl Harbor too close to forgotten - Thomas M Smith, Beverly,CST-EDT-vox07.article
-- Attack on India is like an attack on U.S. - Christopher Hitchens,CST-EDT-hitch06.article

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PHOTO OF BLAGOJEVICH: DIERSEN HEADLINE: Blagojevich should issue a press release stating that he is going to fill the Obama vacancy with the person that he believes can and will stop Patrick Fitzgerald and his successors from indicting Blagojevich, from indicting Blagojevich's wife, from indicting Combine members, from indicting etc.,0,4086543.story
-- DuPage crosses honoring service members killed in Iraq or Afghanistan are being installed in their new home Removal of crosses had caused anger after families hadn't been warned,0,6093893.story

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Rep. Bill Foster: 303,011 votes; $4,880,916 spent, or $16.10 per vote; Jim Oberweis: 269,275 votes; $5,036,947 spent, or $18.70 per vote; State Sen. Chris Lauzen: 65,539 votes; $1,222,287 spent, or $18.66 per vote,2_1_AU06_14THDIST_S1.article
-- Richard Irvin running for mayor of Aurora - Andre Salles,2_1_AU06_IRVIN_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Herald News promotes Democrat Halvorson "from Crete." During the 1840s and 1850s, all Diersen's ancestors immigrated legally from what is now Germany to America, all of them were Lutherans, all of them were conservative, and all of them were Republicans. My ancestors on my father's side have lived in Crete since the 1850s. My mother and brother continue to live in Crete in a home that my grandfather built in 1926 on land my ancestors bought in 1864. Sadly, back in 1978, my wife and I foresaw the day when Crete would no longer be represented in Congress by a Republican. That was a major reason why we bought a home in Republican Wheaton in 1978 and why we have continued to live in Republican Wheaton ever since.,4_1_JO06_DEBBIE_S1.article

-- Birkett, Illinois state’s attorneys oppose commutation for former Gov. Ryan - Dan Petrella

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Councilman Tom Mouhelis said that Wheaton lost the sales tax from two car dealerships and had noted the city's high rate of property not subject to property taxes. "We've got 23 percent," he said, comparing it to the area average of 5 percent.,6_1_NA05_WSCOUNCIL_S1.article

-- Manzullo Weighs In on Auto Industry Problems - Cal Skinner

-- Radogno brags that lobbyists are “encouraged” by her promotion in State Senate - Doug Ibendahl

-- Springfield Nativity Scene: How the Mainstream Media Covered the Historic Event - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- George Ryan for Senate - Dennis Byrne

-- What will "43" (Bush) do about "16627-424" (Ryan) - Gregory Tejeda

-- Ken Blackwell enters GOP chairman race - Reid Wilson

-- Conservatives Ask RNC Chair Candidates to Debate - John Gizzi

-- What the Obama Cult Factor Portends - David Limbaugh

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: William Ayers promotes himself and blasts anyone and everyone who does not promote Obama. Does Obama approve of that message?
-- Democrats Set to Offer Loans for Carmakers - David Herszenhorn and Bill Vlasic

-- White House: Talks on auto aid to continue this weekend

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Again, the Wall Street journal does what it can to drive GM, Ford, and Chrysler out of business

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The anti-American foreign countries, anti-American foreign companies, anti-American foreign organizations, and anti-American foreign individuals that operate Time Magazine make it very clear that America's national security is not one of their top priorities and that their top priority is to help foreign companies take over America's automotive industry.,8599,1864168,00.html

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: It seems America's national security is not one of Drew McKissick's top priorities. It seems his top priority is to help foreign companies take over America's automotive industry.

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