Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Not a Chicago Income Tax?

Since Mayor Richard Daley is so anxious to raise state income taxes, might I suggest that he lower his sights?

He doesn’t really need all of that money.

A portion will do.

Why not just have the aldermen impose an income tax?

To make the locals happier, throw in those who work in Chicago.

Or maybe he could just tax the income of those evil suburban commuters who make Chicago work.

Perhaps he should re-visit his days as a 1970 constitutional convention delegate.

Why settle for all the nuisance taxes, like the head tax and the $50 one ex-Chicago McDonald’s operator told me she had to pay for each of her driveways every year?

Why not tax the income of people working in Chicago?

Consider the following Section e of Article VII of the Illinois State Constitution, especially the second part:

A home rule unit shall have only the power that the General Assembly may provide by law (1) to punish by imprisonment for more than six months or (2) to license for revenue or impose taxes upon or measured by income or earnings or upon occupations.
The stars are aligned.

The Democrats control every branch of state government.

Why not ask the General Assembly and governor to give Chicago the power to levy an income tax?

A price could be found for the Downstaters, I’ll bet.

And, boy, would it be fun to see the suburban Democrats squirm when their votes are needed to pass the bill.

Of course, there is that war going on between the House and the Senate.

Guess there's no ideal time.

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First posted on McHenry County Blog.


Bill Baar 9:13 AM  

Detroit, and New York have them.

If you're a socialistic sort, and concerned about leveling incomes, it's the only tax that makes sense compared to sales taxes or taxing the addicts or those of us with vices.

If your a conservative, low tax sort; well maybe a flat tax makes sense and abolish the rest.

Levois 10:32 AM  

Don't give them any ideas man. I'm uncomfortable with a Chicago income tax.

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