Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cook County Budget Cuts

The Sun Times closing thought on Stroger's cuts to Cook County's budget.

There are growing rumblings that the drastic cuts are simply an effort to push the County Board to initiate tax increases to lessen the pain.
Feel like a shakedown?

Update: Larry Suffredin wants thoughts.
I expect that the Public Hearings this year will be different from past years in that the Board for the first time will have to function as a real legislative body. In the prior years the Public Hearings were used as pep rallies for the proposed budget and discussion of changing priorities was stifled. This years hearings will have to finish the “Target Adjustments” and create a spending plan that matches a new style of what services are core needs for our citizens.

I encourage all citizens to attend the Public Hearings and to speak out on issues that concern them. I will work to strengthen our revenues and better refine more efficient ways of providing service. As the President said in his address his responsibility is complete with the presentation of the Budget. The Board’s responsibility to finish this Budget in a fair and just manner has just begun.
Update: The Daily Southtown,
Some non-union county employees will be asked to take up to 20 unpaid furlough days under the proposal, said Stroger, who promised to take them himself.
Moon lighting at a big box not a bad strategy for replacing income lost during down time.


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