Thursday, January 11, 2007

Build a School in African for $12,500

It doesn’t have to cost the $40 million that Oprah Winfrey spent.

Illinois North Shore resident Lynn Cole heads up RISE International. She can show you how you can build a school in Angola for $12,500.

Actually, the residents there do the construction. You provide the financing.

Groups associated with high schools like New Trier, Wheeling and West Chicago, plus churches have done the heavy lifting to raise the $1.3 million spent so far.

When the Angolan school year begins in February, 150 schools built with help from RISE will be staffed with Angolan Ministry of Education teachers.

Naturally, I had to ask what could be done with $40 million. Cole’s answer:

"With $40 million we could do amazing things.
"I think we could change a country with $40 million."

Cole and her husband Andrew were inspired when they went to Angola, her husband’s birth place, as part of their 25th wedding anniversary celebration."

And in case the last name sounds familiar, Andrew’s father is Moody Bible Institute’s Pastor Donald Cole.

You can let her tell the story and see lots more pictures by going to McHenry County Blog.


Bridget 1:24 PM  

How wonderful and inspiring!

Pat Hickey 2:20 PM  

Outstanding post, Cal! With the cascade of Oprah worship about a $40M for a couple of girls in stablized South Africa, it is a shame that selfless people like Lynn Cole and the good they do get consigned to after thought or dismissve journalists.

This girl is an 'other-directed' person of faith; Oprah believes that she is the American Isis. But - I guess pagans are a part of our ceebration of diversity.

Bill Baar 2:59 PM  

Thanks Cal... a lot of people from Illinois out there doing good things.

Milton 7:09 PM  

Why didn't this lady take cameras and send out press releases like Oprah Winfrey?

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