Friday, January 19, 2007

Macomb Daily Reports, “State Dems accused of illegal mailings”

Republicans are claiming the state Democratic Party is saving local county board candidates 8.2 cents for every direct mail piece.

Using the state party’s bulk mail permit, mailings for local candidates cost 9.1 cents each, instead of 17.3 cents.

Now before you Democrats have a snit fit, this is about what the Michigan Democratic Party is doing to Republicans at the county board level across the big lake.

I don’t know if Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Mike Madigan has done this in Illinois, but if anyone reading this has information of his branching below the state legislative level, I’d surely appreciate an email to McHenry County Blog.

In any event, the Macomb Daily article is instructive of how a state party can save local candidates money.

The article says that the exchange of money to pay for the postage was less obvious this year than in 2004, when Republicans made their first complaint to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Instead of coming from individual candidates, as it did in 2004, in 2006 it came from the Macomb County Democratic Party, writes reporter Chad Selweski.

The Democrats’ effort in Macomb, located northeast of Detroit, was successful, giving them a pick-up of one seat. They now have 18 out of 24 on the county board.

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Much more on McHenry County Blog this weekend.


crash-dev 10:10 AM  

What is the punishment for this?

I'm tired of "scandals" being punishable by bad press or a long drawn out court case. Neither optoin gives the public any faith in their government.

Also, why is there such a thing as a bulk mail permit? Is that one of the reasons that direct mail is still the most cost effective way of advertising? (I'll be honest that is a bar rumor I heard and I have no facts to back that up)

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