Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Green is 19th Ward? Or Blowing the Pipes on the Green Candidate

A Couple of weeks ago,Rich Carnahan wrote about what he called Tier One City Council Races - races where the incumbant is deemded to be vulnerable. Pretty solid stuff.

I noticed one of the comments belonged to 19th Ward Aldermanic Loser and soon to be the Lar Daley of the Ward , John Somerville's Campaign Manager, Josh Kilroy. With the earnest breathlessness that belongs to owners of hyper-dilated eyes, Josh wedges in:

Hey Rich, you left the 19th ward off your list of tier 1 races. Ginger Rugai is very vulnerable and John Somerville, who got 42% of the vote last time, is better organized and better-funded this time around. Keep an eye on this one.

Josh Kilroy
Campaign Manager
Friends of John Somerville

I was immediately reminded of the Green Party Gospel slingers that encorpified during the recent election and one named Squidschi's bragging up the advent of 'grassroots' Greenery on the local political scene.

Well, hush my beak, if old Josh Kilroy's breathless posts bragging Noam Chomsky and Bush bashing and Green Candidate( formerly known as Red) Rich Whitney tub-thumping!
Have a peek!

Well, I'll be dipped and rolled! John Somerville Democratic Candidate for 19th Ward ( again) with a Green Party Campaign Manager? How about that?

Is Josh Kilroy, Somerville for Alderman of 19th Ward the same The Green party Kilroy?

Now the 19th ward gets pretty doggone Green in March, but Somerville will have lost the election to Tim Sheehan or Incumbant Ginger Rugai by then. This Blogo-sphere does make our world a liitle bit closer. Josh, if you are the Green Josh, welcome to the neighborhood. Koda is a great restaurant; Cork and Kerry is second only to Keegan's and County Fair features the best corned beef in Chicago hand made by Limerick Born Butcher Mike.

The south side Parade is always the Sunday before St. Paddy's Day. Lot's of Green; but, not a whole hellofalot of Greens, if you know what I mean. Oh, and Josh, don't paint your face Green, only six year olds and visitors from Lake County and such places do that- Hey, leave it pink: from the election!


Anonymous,  1:09 PM  

There a lot going on behind the scenes. I'm willing to bet that more than a few Democrats, especially in my area, will be awfully surprised when they see a number of people that had been walking around their offices, and managing some of their campaigns, become Green Party precinct committeemen.

Pat Hickey 1:24 PM  

I'll bet they become Full Commanders of Starfleet as well!

Here's a Question Mr. Greenjeans, whydidn't Handsome John RUN as a Greenie and not back-door things - Committed? Should be.

Glad to hear from the alternate universe.

Anonymous,  1:26 PM  

It is hard for me to understand Pat Hickey at times, there is so much inside information and he writes in limerick. But hey he is entertaining and it seems sometimes right.

Anonymous,  2:09 PM  

Pat writes in Zen koans or Celtic gnostic esoteric codes. It is not meant for you to understand, merely read and meditate upon the inner symbolic meaning of Hickey wisdom.yu

Pat Hickey 2:11 PM  

The butterfly beats air, nothing beats air for filling a tire. OOMMMMMMMMMM

Anonymous,  2:15 PM  

aldermanic elections are nonpartisan, FYI

Pat Hickey 2:50 PM  

Truly, Wise One!

Is John not truly Green? Do the Greens see John as the First Green Alderman? When will John come Green with us, his friends and neighbors. When will his Greenness make itself most Manifest? Is it Easy being Green? Rich Whitney was a Green but it turned out that he was a Red - a coloor blind world in advent?

But - is there not a shade of Green in all of us?

Greenland; Prof. Paul Green; Green River; Gang Green & etc.

Bill Baar 3:03 PM  

Maybe Pat is confused on just what the Greens mean by Green...

....We do celebrate St Pat's day in my household with Green River.

Pat Hickey 3:24 PM  

Hey Bill,

They have great Green River Sodas at Jansens Redhots on 99th & Western.

The question raised by my questions concerning Josh Kilroy Green Party operative and Somerville Campaign Manager is this - is John Somerville the Great Green Hope?

In his comment to Rich Carnehan Josh Kilroy, Somerville Campaign Manager states that Somerville's current campaign is:

'better organized and better-funded this time around. Keep an eye on this one.'

Now, Josh are those Greenbacks backing Somerville Green Party bucks?

Anonymous,  7:54 PM  

It's true that Rich Whitney was once a member of the Socialist Labor Party; but that was more than a decade ago, and when asked, he said that he was no longer a Socialist. Now, that having been said, the party officially supports Community Based Economics, which is truly neither pure Capitalism nor Socialism--it is somewhat of a third way. There's an old saying in the Green Movement--"Greens are neither right nor left but out in front."

Anonymous,  7:58 PM  

Here's a primer on Community Based Economics. You will see that it's a big tent that leaves room for Capitalists and Socialists. You will also note that one of the Green Party's Ten Key Values is Respect for Diversity, so tolerance of such a wide variety of opinion is par for course.

Anonymous,  8:07 PM  

whydidn't Handsome John RUN as a Greenie and not back-door things

I don't know why anyone takes Pat seriously on Chicago politics when he's apparently unaware of the most basic facts. As anonymous 2:15 pointed out above, municipal elections have been nonpartisan since 1999.

I've only lived here since 2001, and even I knew that.

Levois 11:42 PM  

Things are getting interesting over there in Beverly. Sommerville has a big tent. Huh?

Pat Hickey 6:19 AM  

Big tent;no crowd, though Levois.

From what I hear, the guy running his campaign is from nose-bleed country -way up in Lake County - lot of Packer Fans up there; but, but John has a big tent.

Here's how I see it ( open election not-withstanding)

Rugai (D)
Sheehan (D)
Somerville (G)
None one (R)

John should do better than the republican who is not running.

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