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Kjellander, Obama and the activists, and any other shorts before the Bear's game

via Sun Times

The state's central committee approved a motion encouraging Bob Kjellander to resign as an Illinois member of the Republican National Committee based primarily on a ''loss of confidence of leadership,'' GOP leader Andy McKenna said.
Kjellander, afterward, immediately dismissed any suggestion that he vacate the four-year post he was elected to by delegates to a state convention in 2004. He said he intends to serve his term, which expires in 2008.

''The reason I'm not resigning is because I have done absolutely nothing wrong,'' Kjellander said.
Nothing right either; and that's reason enough to resign.

via UK Times

They figure out what we in Illinois have long known: Obama's charm lost on America's black activists.

Civil rights leaders who have dominated black politics for much of the past two decades have pointedly failed to embrace the 45-year-old Illinois senator who is considering a bid to become America’s first black president.

At a meeting of activists in New York last week, the Rev Jesse Jackson, the first black candidate to run for president, declined to endorse Obama. “Our focus right now is not on who’s running, because there are a number of allies running,” Jackson said.
via Arlene Jones for 37th Ward Alderman A grocer's brutal murder causes Jones to rethink her position on guns.

The issue of public safety must be addresseed. The CAPs program doesn't work like it should and some people have a dumb campaign going on called "Stop Snitching".

Many people fear reprisal if they report crime and criminals to the police. I support the idea of a local witness protection program that can relocate people just like the federal goverment does.

Somebody knows who did this and we need to drop a dime on our criminal elements. Today the grocery store owner - tomorrow the homeowner?

I also feel that we need to revisit the ordinance that says you can't own or register a handgun in Chicago. I support citizens who underto training the right to have weapons in their homes. And judging from what I heard New Years Eve, there are a lot of them out there.

via AlderTrak Aldertrack links websites for candidates in all 50 wards. I can spend hours here. Some gems:

Carl Segvich running against Jimmy Balcer in the 11th quotes Plato: The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men – Plato

In the 37th, Tommy Abina wraps himself in the flag, and Percy Giles has a Revolutionary Platform.

William Banks in the 36th has a nice feed with latest news. Nick Sposato links the crime stats for the 36th at his site.

No one has a website in the 24th. May be not make political sense, but Lawndale is going to take off soon.

John Pope in the 10th has a nice site but not many links under the Press or Policy options (and why an empty link to demographics?) But it's a lot more webpage then his opponents are putting up here and here.

You don't see anyone touting SEIU endorsements on these sites. So it's a little mystifying to me on how this effort is playing out in the wards. Interesting because the challangers I've stumbled accross here talk about crime more then Big Box wages.


So-Called Austin Mayor 9:12 AM  

"They figure out what we in Illinois have long known: Obama's charm lost on America's black activists."


In one post you pose as a former Obama supporter who is disillusioned by his actions in the Senate.

In the next you pose as someone who knew all along that that Obama fella was no good.

I suggest that you pick just one rhetorically useful position and stick with it.


Rich Miller 9:24 AM  

" Obama's charm lost on America's black activists."

I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself here. Watch what happens at McCormick Place today.

Bill Baar 10:06 AM  

In the next you pose as someone who knew all along that that Obama fella was no good.

Which post is that?

Bill Baar 10:18 AM  

I liked Obama and voted for him.

I first started paying attention to him in the race against Rush... and Obama never seemed like the first choice of Chicago's African American voters or the authentic (i.e elected) African American Pols; not the Jackson, Sharpton or Bellafonte cited by the Times.

Bill Baar 10:25 AM  

Laura Washington's recent column on Obama and Chicago's African Americans.

I like Hyde Park. My Dad had a dime store at 63rd and Blackstone. But I've never really thought of Hyde Park or politicians who come from there as typical or part of Chicago.

If you look like a winner though, people in Chicago will over look a lot though.

Pat Hickey 11:29 AM  


I am completely charmed by Barack Obama and believe that, given the right amount of effective political advice, could be become one of America's best Presidents.

My worry is that, once the tin-foil-hat crowd, that has so effectively mutilated every Democratic Presidential hopeful in recent years, got their well-manicured digits into him that Obama would and will get carved up by the Clintons.

The Obama who ran against Bobby Rush and was not street enough for the VOTE OR DIE geniuses,now at his elbow, is a great and effectve political statesman.

Levois 11:30 AM  

I'm working on an Obama post. You added another quote about the post. Right now it's just a draft. It needs to be tightend up a little.

Bill Baar 11:36 AM  

Beware of the charmers Pat.

Milton 12:13 PM  

I voted and supported Obama and liked him. He has lost touch (corporate Jets million dollar homes) faster than Carol Mosley-Braun did. Obama speaks loudest when he says nothing, or speaking platitudes.

Obama fail as Howard Dean did and Braun did. People will want to hear a candidate who speaks about issues not photos of him in a swimming suit.

We just learned he does not have a exploratory committee?

Bill Baar 12:42 PM  

That's what Novak says.

David,  2:17 PM  

Crime is way to high in the 36th Ward. Banks should do better. That is why so many people are running against him.

Anonymous,  2:21 PM  

SEIU is a joke and a sell out. They will pay no impact in this Mayoral or the aldermanics.
Jerry Morrison is a full blown poverty pimp exploitative phony.

Pat Hickey 8:23 PM  

In 1970, any member of Local 25 and his/her family had universal health care covered by the Janitor's Union.

Then the Leftists took over the union to fight for universal revolution.

Who's paying for the rank files health care these days?

The Commies will overturn every gain made for and by workers to exact some rhetorical victory in the media. Long Live the Revolution!
Clowns - all of them.

Anonymous,  8:37 PM  

So then it is up to G. Bush to ask Kjellander to resign or he to important to even listen to him.

Rich Miller 1:08 PM  

Bill, did you see what Jackson said today?

Bill Baar 1:41 PM  

from the Trib,

It's a long, nonstop line between the march in Selma in 1965 and the inauguration in Washington in 2009,

And I guess Jackson means Obama's on the path and that's a good thing in Jackson's book.

Let's see when he announces and how all the Pols line up.

There's another quote in the Trib from Obama that bothers me.

Screaming admirers managed to get his autograph after the address, in which he advocated removing troops from Iraq, rebuilding struggling areas such as Harvey and increasing civic activism and called on people, especially fathers, to be better parents.

It's that final comment on being better parents; especially Fathers.

I find that an odd thing for a Politican to say. I wish he'd put a lid on the parenting advice.

Bill Baar 1:51 PM  

forget G. Bush anon... if the Illinois GOP can't sort out Kjellander for themselves and get their own act together, there is no hope for them at all.

We'll be stick with maternal politicans giving advice on paternalism, which is really none of their business much less expertise, while Illinois goes down the tubes into insolvency: something that's clearly their business.

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