Monday, January 29, 2007

Progressive Self Image and What Shows Up.

Shaving is brutal. It reminds me that not only do I bear a striking resemblence to a fifty four year old, Mick-Mugged, saggy eyed, widow man, but I am that Caliban -with whiskers that need scraping - Damn.

Politically, I guess that my image pretty much lines up with what stares back at me at 5a.m. - not pretty, but shaved and ready for work. Good enough. Lifelong Democrat - but not enamored of the 'how can you think that?' crowd. I have always believed in XY&Z - my neighbor holds to EF&G - we cancel each other out the polls and he borrows my Miracle Grow Spreader and I keep the racket down.

In today's political climate - not good enough. That brings in the Progressive. The Progressive (Republican, Democrat, Green, Bullmoose, or LaRouchie)who demands that every person within shout distance gushes and oozes with the same pre-packaged enthusiasm that they have picked up from watching Bill Maher or listening to Rush Pill-Popper.

'Second Hand Smoke Will Kill Kids in Iceland Unless We Act in Illinois, People!' GOOSE LIVER EATERS ARE ANIMALS! IF One Licence Plate Says 'Good Day' What Is To Stop Mean Killers From Thinking It Must Be A GOOD DAY TO DIE AND YOU ARE NEXT! Take the Christ out of Christmas! Kosher Food Shouldnot be Displayed in a Public Place. Holocaust Deniers Are Smart! The Pledge of Allegiance is Fascist! Felons Know Justice! Bloggers Who Bash Bush are Morally Superior to Bloggers Who Do Obama-nations!

Progressives tend to see themselves as Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's great novel 'To Kill A Mockingbird' - strong, loving resolute and dedicated to Justice.
The problem is that they act like Ernest T. Bass from the Old Andy Griffith Show -Nuts and Obnoxious.

Disagree up a storm, but try not to worry about what I 'really think.' Who cares? Tom Roeser posted a question about the Madrassa education - kicked off a pretty good debate. Then the Progressive thinkers - Eric Zorn, SCAM, and the MidwestProgressive -whoever that is - tried to out do each other with invective. Disagree. MoveON! Instead the Progressive demands that Tom Roeser paint his house Red or Pink or Green.

Don't like Tom Roeser, don't read him. The Progressive response - "well, Roeser's dangerous!' To Whom, Cupcake? My How delicate you must truly be! Fragile. Gossamer Cuts Too, Honey. Plenty of journalists are taking shots at the best person in the Democratic Presidential Field - Barack H. Obama The H is for Hussain -Jeepers. Guess what the F in Patrick F. Hickey stands for ! Tom Roeser discussed the name Ok. One Progressive Clown demands to know what Tom's middle name is - Is it SATAN? STALIN? SANDBURG?' Be like Atticus. Be like Scout. Be Like Barack. Be like a Person who does not need to be taken away in cuffs, who shouts and screams, and uses bullhorns - No not Cindy Sheahan - Ernest T. Bass.

The thing is, when Ernest T. shaved and and got guss-ied up - he behaved pretty well - like a good neighbor.


Bill Baar 9:40 AM  

Be interesting to compare test scores from Illinois six madrassas, at least the ones that offer secular classes... with the corresponding public schools in their community. I'd love to see the comparison for Elgin.

Pat Hickey 9:50 AM  

Absolutely! If an Illinois Family were only Free to choose a Madrassa, what a wonderful World this Could Be!

Bill Baar 10:00 AM  

...and those opposed to vouchers are opposed because some Grandmother may chose a Madrassa for their grandchild and the progressives may not want that choice made.

Progressives have problems with Madrassas... that freedom allows a diversity they can't tolerate.

Pat Hickey 10:30 AM  

They are consistant Bill - no matter what Emerson preached - ever since Janne Adams double crossed the Stockyard Strikers in 1904 they have always tossed rocks through their neighbors' windows and termed it a wake-up call.

If it makes sense or most people agree to do something - theProgressive is deadset on killing it - a fetus, a lisence plate, good legislation, confidence in the Justice System & etc.

Anonymous,  10:38 AM  


Is it that Hickey's writing is so brilliant or just convuluted?
Maybe I am slow, but I just don't understand this post

Pat Hickey 10:41 AM  

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Good question. Sound statement.

So-Called Austin Mayor 11:24 AM  


I dearly hope that you are not serious.

Do you really think that a goofball who posts using the acronym "SCAM" takes himself seriously? I think you know better.

Do you really think that the other "Progressive Clown" -- the one who alleged that Tom's middle name is "Satan-Stalin" -- was being serious? Of course not. He was merely having some fun pointing out the absurdity of Tom's baseless and bizarre posting.

Eric Zorn may take Roeser's rants seriously because he's a fellow (former?) member of the Chicago media establishment, I have no such compulsion. To me Tom is just another guy sputtering into his keyboard.

But if you are serious -- and I hope that this was satire -- I have two pieces of advice and a request.

First, lighten up. If Tom Roeser's baseless slurs don't matter, then nothing written in response should matter either.

Second, I recommend that you take a different approach.

It didn't phase me when Tom called me an "ignorant, wide-eyed, weak-kneed, ridiculous, phony," so it certainly isn't going to phase me when you call me and people like me "Progressive Clowns."

In fact, I'll wear that epithet like a badge.

Third, please diagram this sentence: "Disagree up a storm, but try not to worry about what I 'really think' who cares?" I gave it my best shot but, alas, fell short.

All the best,

"Progressive Clown"

Pat Hickey 11:53 AM  


I thought that I had grouped 'Progressive thinkers' but later down the page I see what your jewler's eye caught - great pick up, old pal! Mea Culpa.

A glaring redundancy - Progressive Clown - Overkill.

As for lightening up ! ??? My Brother, my life is a Stone Groove! ComEd - too coo-coo! The Republic is as sound as a 1950's dollar and I got money that I ain't even seen yet!

extraanonymous,  1:51 PM  

Anonymous 10:38, it's not you: Pat's been delusional for quite some time now.

the Other Anonymous,  9:23 AM  

I, too, have a hard time following Hickey's posts. And so, very often I take Hickey's sound advice and simply ignore him. I often ignore Roeser as well.

There are times, however, that a goofball like Roeser cannot be ignored. His articles about Obama spread a vicious falsehood -- that somehow Obama is a radical Muslim fundamentalist. When a lie is so vicious and pernicious, it needs a response.

Roeser simply stepped over the line in a way that cannot be ignored. He has the right to free speech; but only because the rest of us can respond and hold him responsible for his statements. It's called the "marketplace of ideas."

JB Powers 9:40 AM  

Anon 9:23

Actually if you read Roeser's article, he repeated point is to question why CNN and the SunTimes (and Trib) write answers for Sen Obama, rather than Obama answering himself.

The vicious rumor is that the press, from CNN to the NY Times is playing defense (for no good reason-which Tom states quite clearly-as he states the madrassa story is most likely a planted campaign rumor) for the Democrats.

The knee jerk reaction of our press is that any form of investigative journalism into Obama (or Durbin for that matter) is an attempt to paint him as an extremist and must be motivated by hate.

Of course it may be motivated by a demand for real journalism rather than PR, but that is certainly not what the Press wants to report.


Pat Hickey 10:14 AM  

Brother Powers,

The 'inconvenient truth' is that Clinton's dogs are putting out the anti-Obama ammunition. Dick Morris and his crew.

Matters not to Old Ernest T. Bass.

Bill Baar 10:54 AM  

As far as the perceived slam on Obama and Islam, I'd trade an Iraqi Shia Arab or Kurdish Sunni fighting with us today, then many of the Christians with Obama at the UCC. I respect our Muslim allies on issues of Politics and Religion when you get down to it.

I'm afraid Obama and his Church (my Church to for that matter) would abandoned them if they had their way.

So-Called Austin Mayor 11:00 AM  


You, my friend, are nuttier than a squirrel's belly.


Pat Hickey 11:04 AM  

SCAM, Old Son,

Tru Dat.

All the Best!
Pat Hickey

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