Saturday, January 27, 2007

Danny Davis and Dock Walls

Obama endorsed the Mayor but Danny Davis is listed along with Bill Dock Walls on my latest email from Dock.

Tom Roeser came out for Davis for Mayor once.

My wife sang in an Christmas Pageant where Davis read from the bible. He sure sounded like the voice God to me. Sadly, Dock's going to need a lot more than Danny Davis and his forums.

As one member of the audience stated it is time for us to clean house. We encourage voters to examine all the facts before placing your vote and not to just vote based upon popularity or eloquent speeches. Instead, place your vote on facts not emotion for the people are perishing for lack of knowledge.
Unity in Chicago means don't back losers. That's a faith impossible to overcome.


Milton 1:13 PM  

Maybe Danny Davis could talk to the Messiah Himself(Sun Myung Moon the head of the Unification Church owner of the conservative rightwing Washington Times and Insight Mag)and have them cease and disist this BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA Given Obama’s middle name I maintain there is more to this story than we’ve been told.

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