Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ComEd and Emil Jones are here to Help!

Like the lads above, ComEd Executives and their legislative wire cutters have done a masterful job with what they could get their hands on. Mike Madigan and the Illinois House gives Illinois Consumers a chance to be Mom and Dad with these little devils.

Illinois consumers have been told by Frank The Mail Guy Clark and Emil The Mail Guy's Pal Jones with all the sincerity of a Bankruptcy Lawyer ( like that guy Jeter Dances So Crazy) that without the rate increase, which just happened to coincide with its expiration date, that Comed would go bust if Speaker Mike Madigan and the Illinois House of Representatives freeze the rate increase. Heavens, even the Chicago Tribune is shaking its pink jowls a thundering against Madigan's Power Populism! Can I get a Harrumph!

Here, in essence, is what ConEd - oops sorry, ComEd- wants to do:

'The goal of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing would be work to keep the company viable by allowing it to reorganize under court protection. ComEd might be able to avoid paying creditors and alter union contracts. For example, the company probably could stop paying interest on its $4 billion in long-term debt.'

Then the University of Chicago, which helps generate the the Tribune Editorial Board brain pan, can push to get a tough Utility minded Federal Judge, maybe Honest Judge Capital 'C' Coar - 'Throw the Whole Building at Them,' and argue that the ComEd executives at the top have yet to loot the utility sufficiently with MANSIZED pay packages and stock options and really need to screw the union workers in their employ back to the Cro Magnon Age, in all fairness to all of us in Illinois.

Emil keep swinging for Mail Room Frank - he just sorts the mail - he don't read it.


Anonymous,  1:27 PM  

Hickey you are right on this one.

Pat Hickey 2:05 PM  

That's One -thank you. Keep counting.

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