Monday, January 08, 2007

Alderman Arenda Troutman

It's been on the news that she has been arrested today. I just would like to expand a little on what else is known about her. She's been busy on my blog.

Including this morning's story about her getting arrested I have four posts on her since 2005. It was mentioned in the Sun-Times today about her "relationship" with a gang leader . I wrote a post an a press conference she had about that and her role in the hired truck scandal back in June 2005.

BTW, she will be forever know at least by me for this statement she made with regards to the lack of black workers on the Dan Ryan reconstruction project back in May 2006...

Though there are about 200,000 construction jobs in Chicago, there could be as many as 10,000 unemployed Black people in construction trades in the city who want to work on projects in their own backyards. Instead, those people are left to suffer through and commit street crime, Troutman said.
Oh yeah in light of the big box ordinance last summer, I don't recall if she actually supported the ordinance or not, but a commentor on Eric Zorn's blog talked about the black aldermen and this is the comment this individual made about Ald. Troutman...
Troutman (20) was the funniest of them all. She knows she is on her way out! She claims to have held "community meetings" etc. on the issue. Friends in 20, however, say that she is never in her office (just call for yourself and check), and have never heard of any community meetings on Big Box. She ranted and raved in Chambers yesterday welcoming all challengers saying she is "ready for them." They had better watch out becuase she probably does not have something waiting for them. Expect a gang war to break out in 20 during the election. Expect Troutman to use her gang connects to shut (or shoot) down any opposition. The Mayor can help also. But, if Leon Finney is not in support of her then neither will be the Mayor. Expect bloodshed.
It doesn't appear on their website yet but the Cook County GOP has jumped on this story sending an e-mail of this story from CBS2Chicago. And AlderTrack is also covering this news. I really wonder if this is going to hurt her?

I think it should be worth noting how she became Alderman. Not too uncommon under Mayor Daley...

Troutman was appointed by Mayor Daley in 1990 after the death of Ald. Ernest Jones (20th). The mayor stuck with her even after her opponents circulated police reports detailing her 1978 arrest for shoplifting. She admitted the crime, although the case was dropped.

UPDATE: Crain's has a few more details about her arrest...

A city alderman running for re-election was arrested Monday by federal authorities who accused her of accepting $5,000 from a fictitious private developer.

In return for the money, Alderman Arenda Troutman agreed to help the bogus developer obtain zoning changes and alley access for a proposed development in her South Side ward, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Monday that charges Troutman with one count of bribery.

For her support, Troutman also allegedly expected to receive another $10,000 cash and a $5,000 political contribution, authorities said. She also negotiated free use of both commercial and residential space at the proposed development.

Bond was set at $10,000 for Troutman during an initial appearance in federal court Monday afternoon.


fedup dem,  2:58 PM  

Why would Daley care about a criminal record, so long as the aldermanic nominee agreed to kiss the Mayoral Mistletoe on command?

Anonymous,  1:30 PM  

Why are you attacking a strong Black woman?
Double standards
This is just the white man's law and she was set up

Anonymous,  8:39 PM  

Unfortunately, that second comment is an accurate reflection of the "people" that make up her ward and most of the South Side of the city in fact -their sheer stupidity, racism, illiteracy and immorality. They would vote for Hitler, Stalin or Genghis Khan if they were black and running against ANY non-black opponent, or any non-thuggish black like Obama who they consider "Uncle Toms". So inevitably we see a continued proliferation of the Tillmans, Troutmans, Gus Savages and other such "scum of the earth" dominating Chicago Politics, not to mention such unqualified hacks as Todd "Urkel" Stroger. They do not want good, non-corrupt government that would threaten their unchallenged monopoly over patronage and government jobs.

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