Friday, January 19, 2007

Bollywood Friday - Bollywood Dancers Local 2

Bollywood dancers of Local 2954 celebrate the recent Chicago Federation of Labor endorsement of 50th ward aldermanic candidate Greg Brewer. You may ask, "Bridget, what the hell does Bollywood have to do with Greg Brewer other than the fact that you work for Greg and love Bollywood?". I admit, this is a shameless plug. But, the 50th ward does include the international marketplace that is Devon Avenue, where Bollywood is a staple of the local economy.

In case you're terribly gullible, Chicago Bollywood Dancers aren't unionized. Yet.


Pat Hickey 4:56 PM  



Tandoori Chicken!

Bollywood Fridays

Can't take alickin'!


Rich Miller 5:11 PM  

That would be a crazy union meeting.

Bridget 7:39 AM  

Hey, that's what our office looked like after we found out that Greg got the endorsement!

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