Monday, January 15, 2007

Sen. Obama in Harvey

From The Sun Times

"If I recall Dr. King, he wasn't hanging out in Manhattan. Dr. King was not in Beverly Hills. Folks said 'Why are you going to Harvey? Harvey has lots a problems.' I said that why I'm going to Harvey."

No OneMan was not at the event I was out of town. I did grow up right by Harvey (Dolton), so I know the area and know a bit about the issues facing the area. Will this silence some of the critics?
The audio from the Sun Times.

A bit more over at OneMan's Thoughts


Bill Baar 5:54 PM  

King rented an apartment in Lawndale.

Alan Keyes went where, Blue Island? (I forget exactly).

Obama bought what, a million buck house in Kenwood or Hyde Park...

...geez, give me a break Senator.

Obama said he wanted an Iraqi Reconstruction style rebuilding for Harvey.

Is he going to offer Rezko's buddy Alsammarae the job of Program Administrator?

Dostoyevski,  9:47 PM  

Did Obama talk about the torture by Jon Burge and other police officers in Area 2?
Or does he not have to address that issue now that Richie endorsed him and Bill (SBC Ameritech and Almagamated Bank) Daley is his consultant.

Obama talks beautifully and says nothing. He has no real link to the Black experience in America.

He should stop talking about corruption in Africa and talk about it with his new friend Daley.
He should stop talking in the abstract about corruption in Harvey when he took the Frank Zucarelli endorsement and has photos of him and Nick Graves.

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