Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alsammarae's back home

And no response to my email to Obama's office if he supports Iraq's efforts to get him back.

From Former Iraqi electricity minister returns to Illinois home, (Originally in the Chicago Tribune)

After spending four months in an Iraqi prison and pulling off an audacious jailbreak, Aiham Alsammarae flew quietly back into Chicago and was behind the desk of his Downers Grove, Ill., engineering firm Tuesday.

In an hourlong interview, the former Iraqi electricity minister who is still wanted on corruption charges in his native Iraq gave new details of his escape. The dramatic jailbreak included a high-speed run to the Baghdad International Airport, a private jet that flew him out of the country and back-channel talks with Iraqi political leaders on how to extricate himself.

The Iraqi judge overseeing the case expressed surprise that Alsammarrae had turned up in Chicago, and vowed to take "all legal measures" to return him to Iraq.
and a little more...
Alsammarae, who has long been friends with indicted political fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko, also sought to distance himself from allegations that he oversaw Rezko's bid to build a power plant in northern Iraq.

Alsammarae said he learned through news reports that federal authorities are interested in speaking to him about his relationship with Rezko, but he said that authorities have made no attempts to contact him. The two have been "good friends" since they met while studying for advanced degrees at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the late 1970s, Alsammarae said.

The power plant was never built and Rezko's $150 million contract is no longer in effect. Alsammarae declined to give further details about the project, but said that he would be willing to speak with federal authorities about it. He added that the project was under the Kurdish Regional Government authority and outside his purview.


NW burbs,  1:45 PM  

Clearly Mr. Baar is somehow connected to Mr. Alsammarae, and by extension, Mr. Rezko, or he wouldn't keep trying to throw us off the trail with non-sequitor games trying to link back to 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon (or someone) instead of the very Bill Baar himself ...

Conspiracy theories abound!

Bill Baar 1:48 PM  

I wish I knew either enough for an interview.

Alsammarae especially.

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