Monday, January 29, 2007

Sex Offender Work Places Available

Folks have long known that they can find out where released sex offenders live.

But, did you know that there is a file of where some of them work?

According to the State Police, “local police agencies provide the information and we print it as submitted.”

Here’s a question for you.

How much restitution does a person arrested of a sex crime have to make?

Should he—and the almost 120 who show up as McHenry County employees are all men—have the right to support himself and not be hassled at work?

Is working at a factory OK?

How about an auto dealership?

What about driving a limo?

Any problem with someone with such a conviction record working for a restaurant?

What about a retail establishment?

A printing company?

How about construction?


Garbage collection?

A grocery store?

A moving company?

A carnival?

Physical therapy?

I know some of the employers and my guess is that some know the criminal background of the employee in question.

They are clearly giving a guy a second chance.

More always on McHenry County Blog. Fox News in Chicago found the data first.


Bill Baar 3:36 PM  

I think the theory here is the impluse to criminal sexual behavior is hard-wired. The offender can'tkeep it in check, can't be rehabiliated, and therefore the public has a right to know.

I don't have a clue what's the balance here. I know I appreciate knowing who these guys are.

Pat Hickey 8:54 AM  

CPD and the Cook County Sheriff have a good file available to the public. There are a number of sex-offenders only a blockk or two from my home.

Our neighbors tend to keep an eye out for one anothers kids and there are a good number of law enforcement professionals living in the neighborhood.

Anonymous,  9:40 AM  

Pot, meet kettle.

DuPageSaint,  1:42 PM  

For a change you are a voice of reason. I certainly carry no brief for these guys, and perhaps the public should know, but how is an ex offender supposed to live? If they require it sentence them to 80 years but if they serve their sentence they have done their time. Watch them, do what you can but if you deny them work and a place to live, keep them in jail. And do not play games with the civil committments

Milton 6:03 PM  

Sex Offenders find their prey within (i.e, relatives friends etc.)

These list do not help.

Larry McKeon,  3:22 PM  

Cal, we finally have something we agree about. Actually we have a lot of issues we can agree about.

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