Monday, January 08, 2007

Got To Put a Kink into the Campaign

The Tribune is reporting that 20th Ward Chicago Alderman Arenda Troutman has been arrested. The Sun-Times' story.

Knowing next to northing about Chicago politics, I hope others will fill us in on details of her career and election opponents.

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Pat Hickey 11:25 AM  

Now just a GD minute! Isn't That a GD shame! What GD business could the FBI have investifating a GD Alderman- Oh, that is the GD case.

Levois 11:40 AM  

Well she's been busy on my blog though she only has three posts there.

Another Big Box Point
Dan Ryan reconstruction issues...There she makes an outlandish statement about blacks being shut out of the construction trades something like black tradesmen will be forced to committ street crimes. And finally...

News on a Saturday morning...

Here she made news for making the acquaintance of a gang leader.

And just for fun she does have a website.

Bill Baar 11:58 AM  

Sun Times has it too...

Last summer, Troutman was embarassed again when the Sun-Times reported that her family had created and run Hobtat Trucking Co., which was paid more than $1.1 million by the city's Hired Truck Program. It was the first tme that an alderman's relatives had been linked to the scandal-ridden rogram.

At the time, the alderman said she never made a dime from the program and had "done nothing wrong."

Troutman was appointed by Mayor Daley in 1990, after the death of Ald. Ernest Jones (20th). The mayor stuck with her even after her opponents circulated police reports detailing her 1978 arrest for shoplifting. She admitted the crime, but the case was dropped.

Pat Hickey 12:24 PM  

Scandalous. MMM

Bridget 12:28 PM  

Ha, scandalous is right! I love scandal!

Pat Hickey 12:30 PM  

And this is a Scandalous Affair:

Troutman was questioned by the FBI in 2004 about her alleged love affair with fugitive Donnell "Scandalous" Jehan, a reputed street-gang leader, as part of an investigation into the Black Disciples street gang. In June, the FBI announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to Jehan's capture. Sun Times Frannie Spielman

Pat Hickey 1:00 PM  

To Our Legislator, Our Educator, Our Agitator, add Our Disciple

and coming soon Our Felon! Heck, stretchin the joint could land her a sweet radio spot or the ex-convict spot on Chicago Tonight formerly occupied by progressively laundered Cliff Kelley! This is a great country!

fedup dem,  1:43 PM  

The main story is how it has taken US Attorney Fitzgerald this long to start to go after a Chicago Alderman. Up until now, he has treated them like a fisherman treats a guppy he catches and throws back into the lake because it's too small for his tastes.

Does this mean we can see some other aldermen getting nailed before the February 27 election (I hope so).

Pat Hickey 2:21 PM  


Fitzy has gone up the foodchain from guppy to smelt - but they all swim.

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