Sunday, January 28, 2007

Emil Jones on IDOT's Tim Martin's good job: Sometimes yes, sometimes no

Emil Jones on Martin in today's ST story on Martin's resignation from IDOT.

But Martin's tenure was rocked by questions over alleged hiring improprieties, mismanagement and massive cost overruns on Dan Ryan Expy. reconstruction.

Last year, Senate President Emil Jones gave a mixed review of Martin's performance when asked whether he thought Martin had done a good job. "Sometimes yes, sometimes no," Jones said.
Jones becoming a real sage on the prarie. I watched his interview with Paul Lisnek on comcast public access channel and he starts to grow on you. I wish comcast would make these transcripts available on line.

Today's Trib on Martin too.


Anonymous,  9:31 AM  

You mean "Tim" Martin

Bill Baar 9:52 AM  

fixed; thanks!

Milton 12:50 PM  

Tim Martin did good job. He should have fired more hack Republicans and broke more Republican contractors.

Israel is the Axis of Evil


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt

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Anonymous,  12:55 PM  

Hmm...looks like the gov not only didn't fire more Republicans, but he hired one to take Tim's place! And those "Republican" contractors know how to write a check to Democrats, too. Just ask Cellini.

Bill Baar 7:26 AM  

Well, when the Dems critize Bush for being too partisan, isn't this what we get: a combine?

Maybe that's what Blago is thinking.

Anonymous,  10:08 AM  

Anyone else hearing Madison County Circuit Clerk Matt Melucci as Martin's permanent replacement?

Disgusted,  5:58 AM  

If these jokers at the Statehouse and in Chicago spent as much time governing and doing the peoples' will instead of politicing, maneuvering and scamming, Illinois would run like a Swiss clock.

CK1,  12:20 AM  

Martin did not do a good job. He is a key link to Chris Kelly.

Anonymous,  9:16 AM  

IDOT is filled with Republican hacks. Instead of firing them they should start doing mass layoffs. Privatize (China and India) the place to get rid of these insolent, filthy, worthless, maggot, useless unproductive Republican Hacks!

Hell, send their jobs to China Mexico or India with a quote from Bush saying it is “Good for the economy.”

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