Thursday, January 25, 2007

Can I bum a smoke mister?

But don't light up in Kane County buddy.

The St Charles Sun on the proposed smoking ban for the Tri Cities. It may expand to all Kane County.

In two weeks, the city councils in Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles may be voting on the same ordinance to ban smoking in public places, including public restaurants and bars. Council committees in Batavia and St. Charles already have taken public testimony on a draft ordinance, and Geneva's council heard testimony at its Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night (Jan. 22). All three cities have posted draft copies of the ordinance on their Web sites, and are taking e-mail testimony there, too.
And their editorial today backs it up.

I quit a pack a day in Oct 1986. I would appreciate smoke free restaurants and taverns, but this sure smacks of big brother. I've got Senator Obama telling me how to be a Dad, and now St Charles tells me Dad can't have a smoke; at least in the gin mill.

What's Rich Whitney's stand here: guns but no cigars?

Update: from the The Nicotianist Fellowship
"My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass"

(Deuteronomy, Chapter 32, Verse 2)
Guess it's a Church vs State thing too.


Pat Hickey 7:46 AM  

Hi Bill,

I still sneak out to Marlboro Country four times day - out toward the alley of course.

I have not smoked in a restaurant since the 1970s but still like to fire one up at Keegans, while enjoying the exchange of great thought with the local Mensa chapter. 'You gotta dig well below the foundation to clean up the leaks or Permaseal will be back in six months, Einstein!' and 'Don't think for a minute that Euclidian geometry ain't got nothing to do with new lane configurations on the Ryan - the Walsh Brothers all went to Iggy!'

Patrick McDonough 7:10 PM  

Smoking is in again!!! Obama smokes, only cigarettes now. Gush, I think I will start smoking now.

Pat Hickey 8:41 AM  

Or, lineup with a real government reformer and anti-smoking hero - Al Hitler.

That boy knew how to clean up corruption in that damn Weimar machine.

Yeah, smoking is real problem. If Obama smokes or not hewill still be a great President. Churchill, JFK all sucked stogies. Nixon hated smoke. James Bond smoked and Blofeld did not -
hey its a free country - until the Progresives get their hooks in it again.

Bill Baar 9:54 AM  

Sample of Nazi anti-smoking posters here and here.

Smokers Liberation Front used to have a nice selection but there link is broke. Of course they had pics of Churchill and FDR with cigars and cigs.

I'd prefer to have places smoke free, but a friend of mine who started his career as an aid in a locked psych ward told me people could be completely disoriented as to who or where they were but they sure knew the top-of-the-hour when it was smoking break. So I'm sympathetic to the smokers plight.

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