Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SSNs on Voter Lists, Bad idea.

Rich and some others have had some stuff about the Chicago voter lists containing SSNs.

As someone who gets voter lists, the last thing I would have ever wanted to even see on these lists was an SSN. Why, simple because you can't do anything with it (so it's just extra information to deal with) and also because something like this could happen (someone realizes you have it) and it's just awkward.

Also in terms of it's only X disks, don't kid yourself this information gets shared and not everyone with a computer is smart enough (or makes the effort) to keep something like this off of a walklist the make up or a copy of the voters in area X they give to a candidate or volunteer.

I am confident this information has been copied a bunch of times. If something is being done with it, who knows. I am willing to bet that the data has traveled to a bunch of people who did not get the original disks.

I don't think I have ever seen it in any of the lists I have ever gotten and if I did I would just pull it or make it all 9's if for no other reason than my own protection.



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