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Which Presidential Candidate's Supporters Have the Most Fun?

Put a bunch of political amateurs together behind a candidate they fervently believe in and you get some interesting results.

That’s what seems to be happening in the Ron Paul campaign.

These folks know they are backing a long shot, but they have accomplished something hard-charging Mike Huckabee hasn’t.

The volunteers have raised money for their candidate.

$4 million November 5th.

A record for one day.

$6 million last Sunday.

Another record for one day.

They opened a headquarters in Arlington Heights. It was the only the 3rd GOP presidential headquarters opened in Illinois, I heard.

Not coincidentally, it was in the International Plaza, a shopping center where libertarian- minded individuals campaigned last winter and spring against the Arlington Heights mothers’ and fathers’ trying to condemn the property so a big box store could replace immigrant- owned stores.

More sales tax, don’t you know?

I see one of the leaders, Scott Bludorn, in that effort is now the Field Director of the Illinois campaign.

“The Greater Chicago Ron Paul Meetup group, which was formed in May, currently claims more than 950 members,” Illinois press person Lisa Wogan wrote.

Think any other Illinois Republican presidential candidate can identify almost 1,000 volunteers in the Chicago area?

They’re planning a “Ron Paul Penguin and Polar Bear Sign Wave in Arlington Heights” at Palatine and Rand Roads in Arlington Heights at 11 this Saturday morning.

Last Monday, Wogan sent out a press release of the opening of a Chicago headquarters at 3168 N. Lincoln Avenue. The phone number is 773-935-3733.

Now, this may be the Republican version of 2004’s Howard Dean campaign. It has been cited in a front page Tribune story as having internet similarities.

But I don’t remember Dean’s campaign coming up with innovations like the Ron Paul Blimp.

And what presidential candidate did you see with a parade float this summer? Ron Paul had one in Elgin.

Who had the most spirited volunteers at the Illinois State Fair’s Republican Day this summer?

Who’s had the biggest rally in Illinois?

Back in September, yet.

And, although Illinois weather is not conducive to blimps in January, the Ron Paul Blimp effort shows the imagination and commitment among his volunteers.

Sunday, Illinois Ron Paul coordinator Joe Cesarone will be on Tom Roeser’s on WLS Radio (890 on the AM dial) from 8-9. Roeser has written hostilely about Dr. Paul’s campaign, so it should be a spirited show.

= = = = =
Don't you wish we were in weather good enough to have a blimp in Illinois?

The rally was at the Hyatt Regency in mid-September. The headquarters shown is the one in Arlington Heights.

You can see Scott Bludorn standing in front of a map of Arlington Heights when the TIF fight was going on.

In the reproduction of the top of McHenry County Blog's article about Dr. Ron Paul's newfound respect in the Tribune, you can see the "lonely guy" picture run the month before in its Tempo section and the more typical "candidate" photo that accompanied the recent front page article.

The parade line up was of Fox Vally Libertarians in Elgin this summer. They have marched in Crystal Lake's 4th of July Parade previously, emphasizing abuses of Homeland security and even had George Ryan in the jail in 2000, but boycotted it this year because parade organizers wanted to limit their Freedom of Speech, as they did for McHenry County Peace Group. That led to the McHenry County Democrats parade boycott.

Illinois Ron Paul coordinator Joe Cesarone is seen at the Arlington Heights headquarter's opening.

Posted first at McHenry County Blog.


ollie 5:35 PM  

Yes, Paul's supporters have fun.

Some have fun in rather interesting ways.

Anonymous,  6:00 PM  


BTW, how did you come up with the handle "ollie"? I'm sure there must be an interesting story behind it.

Do tell!

ollie 6:46 PM  

Technically speaking, I didn't come up with it.

Anonymous,  6:50 PM  

Did someone else come up with it for you?

I'm just wondering because people don't often use their real first name, especially if it's a bit unusual, to make sure that they're not confused with someone else who has the same name.

Anonymous,  7:01 PM  

It's a general courtesy, especially when you're opining on blogs. You wouldn't want, for example, others to get the wrong impression because of something the other person said, or vice verse.

ollie 7:13 PM  

No need to be confused; just click on my blogger profile.

I don't blog anonymously.

Anonymous,  7:18 PM  

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. You're right. Same name, but very different people.

Bob 7:50 PM  

I will also add that Ron Paul was represented at the Chicago Bluesfest, Aurora Bluesfest, Dundee Heritage Days, Gurnee parage, Buffalo Grove parade, Schaumburg parade, Taste of Chicago , and also several neighborhood festivals in Chicago. Seldom was another candidate respresented.

Bill Baar 7:15 AM  

Democrats haven't figured out that all these years of hammering Bush and Cheney as a threat to civil liberties isn't going to get more Democratic voters.

It's going to get them Ron Paul.

When people tell you they're Libertarian Democrats this is the guy they're going to consider....

Anonymous,  9:19 AM  

Dream on Bill.

Prof. Goldblatt Ph.D. 4:55 PM  

It just proves how bad the masses want to end the war.

Something the GOP and Democrats don't seem to understand.

"It's the WAR stupid."

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