Friday, December 14, 2007

Pera: Opposing a machine cog in a Democratic Primary

Jeff posts this over at Prairie State Blue on Pera's challange to Lipinski.

I can understand opposing Lipinski on his record. I guess he's more conseravative then Pera (I haven't looked at Pera's material or Lipinski's votes).

But it seems to me if you brand Lipinski a cog in a machine you really need to thing hard about what gear Obama is in the Democrat's machine.

As the wheels come off the machine, and Rezko goes to trial in Febrauary, I just can't see how Obama is going to avoid a lot of dirt from the machine dogging him from Illinois.


Rob_N,  6:09 PM  

Seems to me your weak attempt at guilt by association is flimsy at best.

I didn't see a whole of info about movement conservatism, the radical Dominionist right, or the Texas GOP machine dogging Bush for the past 8 years....

Like it or not, most folks don't seem to care.

Bill Baar 5:59 AM  

who is the radical dominionist right in Illinois?

Illinois politics is going to dog Obama. The Rezko trial starts in February.

I can't see how Obama avoids the association.

You wade in Illinois politics and some of it's going to stick on your trousers.

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