Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today's Sun Times Editorial on Sharpton

ST writes: Sharpton's anti-Chicago Olympics sentiment could backfire, and concludes,

Sharpton doesn't seem to care that his anti-Chicago bravado could cost the city contracts for minority contractors and retail in a blighted part of the city. Sharpton should butt out now, before he does real damage.
I'd say Chicago Democrat's track record with minority contractors not so great. Mary Mitchell in the ST back in 2005,
Crow is a tough old bird. But if you chew on it long enough, you can learn something. About five years ago, a ragtag group of activists walked into the Chicago Sun-Times newsroom raising a fuss about corruption in the city's Minority Business Enterprise program. They raved and ranted about blacks being fronts for white companies, about a bogus certification process, cronyism and "Negro" politicians who are re-elected every four years but do nothing to stop the corruption.
Our former editor in chief, Nigel Wade, let them rant for an hour, then showed them the door.
I'd pause before showing Sharpton the door.

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