Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chicago's Lincoln Square faces eminent domain threat


This post comes from Tom Mannis' The Bench blog.

The City of Chicago is in the process of authorizing the acquisition of a block of thriving businesses in Lincoln Square in order to give the land to a private developer. The targeted block is located in the Western Avenue North Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, and if the city approves the acquisition of our businesses, they can use eminent domain to seize our property if we don't sell.

Eminent domain is supposed to be for public uses, things like roads and schools – not to give our successful small businesses to wealthy, politically-connected developers.

We are not blighted, and we are not for sale.
Come to a community meeting at Chicago Soccer this Wednesday to hear why we’re TIFed off, how it affects you, and what you can do to help.

Wednesday, December 5th, @ 7pm
Chicago Soccer ● 4839 N. Western Avenue ● Chicago, IL 60625
Free food and drinks will be served.

Speakers will include:
Imre Hidvegi, Chicago Soccer
David Smarinsky, The Dental Corner
Tim Le, Decorium Furniture
Christina Walsh, Castle Coalition Coordinator, Institute for Justice
If you have any questions, please contact Imre at 773-271-2255.

Contact Alderman Schulter at 773-348-8400 or ward47@cityofchicago.org and tell him you oppose the use or threat of eminent domain for private development in the Western Avenue North TIF area.

Send us your comments at speakup@savelincolnsquare.com and we'll post them on the site.

Speaking for myself--John Ruberry here--these folks are right on the money. Lincoln Square is a pleasant community that does not need "urban renewal."


Extreme Wisdom 11:47 PM  

Nothing short of a Constitutional Convention will stop this massive abuse of property rights and over reach of government power.

John, you need to start agitating for a convention as aggressively as possible.

The chances that we end up with something "worse" are nearly nil, and the opportunities to end this style of abuse are very great.

There are no intellectually sound arguments against a "yes" vote on the Const. Conv.

Levois 9:20 AM  

Yeah this would be a good thing to put on the agenda at constitutional convention that I hope takes place in 2010.

John Ruberry 10:24 AM  

That...and a recall provision.

Pat Collins 11:02 AM  

Maybe you should ask your State Rep/Senator to pass a law that essentially overturns KELO for Illinois.

That is your only real hope.

Anonymous,  4:38 PM  

Pat, the State did pass such a law last year. The problem is that projects that were already set to be condemned were allowed to continue, but new ones couldn't be started at least.

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