Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jack Franks' Bet on Hillary Clinton

The Daily Herald is reporting that Bull Valley’s State Rep. Jack Franks spoke on Hillary Clinton’s behalf at a Chicago fund raiser.

Franks is co-chairman of her Illinois campaign.

It’s an interesting strategy that Franks and his father Herb have embarked upon.

Being a high profile supporter of the non-favorite son would certainly gain Franks tremendous White House access should Clinton succeed in her quest. Imagine a President Clinton appearing at a fund raiser for candidate for governor Jack Franks, for instance.

Such access could come in handy should Franks decide to run for statewide office.

According to Dave Berry’s article, Franks said

“he's not concerned by shifting poll numbers.

"’We've always known that it would be a close race,’ Franks said, ‘We understood that from the beginning. But a few months ago, she was 25 points down in Iowa, and now look at her; that's what the story line ought to be.’"
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fact check,  11:20 AM  

She was twenty points down in Iowa only if "a few months ago" means "fourteen months ago", and if you disregard every other poll taken at the time and since. In my book, that's called an "out and out outlier".


Anonymous,  9:25 AM  

What is interesting here isn't so much that he does not support IL's favorite son here. (I can't imagine that their votes have been similar.) It's that he decided not to support Edwards, the guy he backed in 2004.

Deep Water,  1:34 PM  

I cannot understand why Obama would even be on the politicial radar? The Daley Chicago Machine hacks have ponyed up tons of cash from contractors and law firms to give the guy a chance to run. Obama's drug issues and Blago problems will sink his ship.

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